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    [WR] 5x5 54.86 single - Yu Nakajima

    y u no show us vid? :(
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    [Unofficial] A girl solving a cube!

    damn, she's solving it too fast! anyone have her avg of 12 video? :D
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    Magic prediction with the Rubik's Cube! How?

    this trick gonna be legend.... *wait for it...* ary.... :D
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    NEW WR BLD 3X3 30.90''

    still no video? cant wait.... amazing !
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    [WR] 6.77 3x3 single Feliks Zemdegs

    faz gen must be stored and cloned 100 years later xD
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    [AsR] 3x3 9.95 avg - Haowei Fan

    epic hair :D this boy is 11 years old rite? how old is Feliks? :)
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    [Unofficial] Alejandro Orozco 30.28'' 3x3 BLD

    he don't even looking for her buffer position before start memo, is this luck because the cube already in his buffer position or he can memo from all position (don't need buffer?) and when he finished the solve, he is checking the time without checking the cube is solved or not, very confident...
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    Scariest Job in the World but none of them is 1768 ft or named "guided tower" anybody know what tower is this actually? i googled arround, and it turns out there's no information about this tower too
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    [Unofficial] 3x3 avg5: 9.86

    nice solve Ando, i think u need to practice ur inspection time :) ini your second solve, u have almost 20 seconds for the inspection which is DNF :D and the last solve need almost 15 seconds :) keep practice ndoooo :D
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    444 avg WR - 41.29 Erik Akkersdijk

    so there's really no video for this WR? :( congrats Erik, u are no near grandpa at all :)
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    I can not endure Chris's lie.

    i idolize mike tyson for his boxing skill, but not his character outside the ring the situation is same in this case :) i believe that's what you mean, rite mom? :)
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    I can not endure Chris's lie.

    chill out dude :D chris "lie" maybe not a right term, i prefer "accusing without evidence" :D
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    I can not endure Chris's lie.

    so? :confused:
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    I can not endure Chris's lie.

    base on the video presented and the story in #1 imo, Chris should take back his word and apologize
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    I can not endure Chris's lie.

    mr.Zhuang is banned from competition, but not from this forum rite? why people use such a rude word? GTFO? :fp