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A twisty puzzle is a puzzle with twisting or moving layers, such as 3x3x3. The goal of such a puzzle is to reach a pre-defined goal state by moving these parts to transition from one state of the puzzle to another.

Twisty puzzles do not include the Rubik's Clock, 15 puzzle, or related puzzles. They do not include slidy puzzles or assemble/disassemble puzzles.


There are many different types of twisty puzzles. This is a list of some of the types.

List of Puzzles

This is a list of puzzles, sorted by shape and function. For a longer list, see list of twisty puzzles.


Cubes are a basic type of twisty puzzle. They are face turning cubes (regular hexahedra) that usually solve similarly to each other. This is a list of popular cubes.


Cuboids are twisty puzzles that are like cubes, except the number of layers on each axis of the puzzle can be different. This is a list of popular cuboids. There are many more cuboids than the ones listed.

2x2 Towers

Floppies and Bricks

3x3 Towers

Bubbloids and Corner Turning Hexahedra

Bubbloids are similar to cuboids by shape, but turn by the corners instead of the faces. They usually have a curvy look from olzing, however, depending on the brand and puzzle, this is not always the case. This is a list of popular corner turning hexahedra.

Bubbloid-Style Turning

Other Corner Turning Hexahedra

  • Skewb (A shape mod of a pyraminx without the tips. Each turn of a skewb splits the puzzle directly in half)


This is a list of popular 4-sided (tetrahedral) twisty puzzles.

Corner Turning

Edge Turning


Face Turning

This is a list of popular face turning twelve-sided (dodecahedral) twisty puzzles.

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