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The Pyramorphix is a 2x2 shape-mod that was first produced in the early-1980s by Manfred Fritsche. It is in the shape of a tetrahedron and it has 4 colors. Just as the 2x2 can be considered the corners of a 3x3, the Pyramorphix can be thought of as the corners of a Mastermorphix.


Unlike the Mastermorphix, the Pyramorphix is typically solved using an entirely different method compared to its base puzzle (the 2x2).

Step 1: Return to a tetrahedron

Can be done in 3 moves at most, with 7 total different shapes possible (including the tetrahedral shape)

Step 2: Solve 2 corners

Not too uncommon to have this step already done, but if not it can be done in only 2 moves. These corners are held in front for the rest of the solve.

Step 3: Solve the remaining 2 corners

This is separated into two steps, in where 2 of the 3 required algorithms are used.

Part A: Match two colors on the same side of the corners. The algorithm might have to be done multiple times.

Part B: Fully solve the remaining two corners

Step 4: Solve the centers

Very easy to do, but might take a couple times. Done by making sure none of the centers are correct, then performing the algorithm again to shift the centers into place.

Alternative method

Step 1- Construct a layer intuitively.

The layer should consist of 2 corners and 2 centers, and can usually be constructed within 5 moves.

Step 2- Last Layer Piece-Permutation

Done by applying an algorithm to put all pieces in the right place prior to orientating them.

Step 3- OLL

Basically OLL on a 2x2, but can be done only using Sunes and sexy moves.


Many different versions of the pyramorphix have been produced, the two main types being flat faced and pillowed.


  • QiYi Pyramorphix
  • QiYi Pillowed Pyamorphix


  • ShengShou Pyramorphix
  • Shengshou Pillowed Pyramorphix


  • Lefun Pyraforphix
  • Lefun Carbon Fiber Pyramorphix


  • Pyramorphix

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