The pyramorphix is a 2x2 shape mod that was first produced in the early 1980s by Manfred Fritsche. It is in the shape of a tetrahedron and has 4 colors. Similar to the mastermorphix in design, it's essentially just the corners of it.


Unlike the solve of the mastermorphix, the pyramorphix is typically done using an entirely different method to it's base puzzle (the 2x2).

Step 1: Return to a tetrahedron

Can be done in 3 moves at most, with 7 total different shapes possible (including the tetrahedral shape)

Step 2: Solve 2 corners

Not too uncommon to have this step already done, but if not it can be done in only 2 moves. These corners are held in front for the rest of the solve.

Step 3: Solve the remaining 2 corners

This is separated into two steps, and where 2 of the 3 required algorithms are used.

Part A: Match two colors on the same side of the corners. The algorithm might have to be done multiple times.

Part B: Fully solve the remaining two corners

Step 4: Solve the center triangles

Very easy to do, but might take a couple times. Done by making sure none of the centers are correct, then performing the algorithm again to shift the centers into their place.


Many different versions of the pyramorphix have been produced, the two main types being flat faced and pillowed.


  • QiYi Pyramorphix
  • QiYi Pillowed Pyamorphix


  • ShengShou Pyramorphix
  • Shengshou Pillowed Pyramorphix


  • Lefun Pyraforphix
  • Lefun Carbon Fiber Pyramorphix


  • Pyramorphix

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