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Rubik's Clock (often shortened to Clock) is a round, 2-sided puzzle that consists of 18 mini "clocks", 9 on each side, arranged in 3x3 squares. The hands on the clock can be manipulated by turning small wheels on the side of the puzzle and by pressing four buttons on the face. The object is to get them all pointing in the 12:00 position. The only commonly used type of Clock is the Rubik's brand. Since that company no longer produces this puzzle, to get one it is usually necessary to use eBay to find one. Fortunately this is a very common and inexpensive puzzle.

CubeTwist and LingAo also produce clocks, but these are not considered high quality.

Rubik's Clock notation

Main Article : Clock notation

The Rubik's Clock cannot work with the same notation as a NxNxN cube. It has a special notation called the Clock notation.

Rubik's Clock methods

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There are several methods to solve the Rubik's Clock. Those methods are called Clock methods.

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