Proposer(s): Conrad Rider
Proposed: 2009
Alt Names: OCELL
Subgroup: <R,U>
No. Algs: 40
Avg Moves:
Previous state: LL:EO cube state
Next state: LL:EO+EP+CO cube state

LL:EO cube state -> OC(P)ELL step -> LL:EO+EP+CO cube state

The OC(P)ELL step is the step between the LL:EO cube state and the LL:EO+EP+CO cube state.

OC(P)ELL (not to be confused with Opposite Cross ELL) stands for Orient Corners (Permute) Edges Last Layer. This is a set of algorithms for solving last layer which orients the corners and permutes the edges simultaneously. The algorithms for this preserve last layer edge orientation, but not corner permutation. It is best used with a method which pre-orients the LL edges, such as ZZ, Petrus, VH or ZBLS. If used in this way, the final step to complete the last layer is CPLL. The advantage of OCELL is that all the algorithms can be 2-gen. It should be noted that PLL is also beneficial for occasions when the corners are already oriented.

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