VH method

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VH method
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Information about the method
Proposer(s): Lars Vandenbergh
Dan Harris
Proposed: unknown
Alt Names: none
Variants: ZB
No. Steps: 3 (Cross, F2L+VHLS, ZBLL)
No. Algs: 525
VHLS: 32
ZBLL: 472 (+21 inc. PLL)
Avg Moves: 48.51

VH (short for Vandenbergh-Harris) is a variant of the CFOP method invented by Lars Vandenbergh and Dan Harris. It orients the last layer edges during insertion of the final F2L block. It has exactly the same effect as the ZBLS stage of the ZB method, but uses much fewer algorithms - 32 as opposed to ZBLS's 125 (excluding mirror's and inverses). It achieves this by restricting the LL orientation step to the moment before insertion of the final 1x1x2 block (in a similar manner to Winter Variation). With full ZBLS, LL orientation is carried out from any F2L last slot case.

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