Hoya method

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Hoya method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Jong-Ho Jeong
Proposed: 2012
Alt Names: none
Variants: none
No. Steps: 6
No. Algs:
Avg Moves: ~155 STM [1]

The Hoya Method is a 4x4 speedsolving method proposed by Jong-Ho Jeong. It can also be applied to bigger cubes, and is frequently done on both 5x5x5 (usually under the name Hoya5) and 4x4x4. It's a sub-method of Reduction.


  1. Do 2 opposite centers (not U/D ones).
  2. Solve D center and an adjacent one (not U).
  3. Solve the 4 dedges of the cross using the two scrambled centers (cross edge step).
  4. Finish the last two centers.
  5. Solve the remaining dedges.
  6. Solve as a 3x3x3 + Parities


  • Easy dedgepairing
  • Cross is already done when you start the 3x3 part


  • Slightly higher movecount compared to Yau on 5x5 and larger puzzles. Though the movecount is similar to Yau on 4x4.

Notable users

  • Jong-Ho Jeong
  • Dylan Clark
  • Aaron LoPrete
  • Chris Brotzman
  • Luke Tycksen
  • Alaik Bhatia

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