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Founded: unknown
Location: China
Years Active: 2011-present
Areas served: Worldwide
Website: [1]
Products: 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, Megaminx

Gan, Gancube, or Gans is a puzzle brand created by Ganyuan Jiang (江淦源) who set the first Chinese 3x3 national speed-solving record (in 2007). He was also the co-founder of the GuoJia cube brand. They released their first cube in 2011, the Ganspuzzle I and have since innovated in 3x3 and their cubes have been used to break many world records, including the current 3x3 average by Feliks Zemdegs. They sponsor many top cubers, such as Feliks Zemdegs, Philipp Weyer and Sebastian Weyer through their system called GAN Gurus. Gans was incorporated as a company in 2014, as Gancube, with Ganyuan Jiang still being the sole owner. Since then, Gans have exploded in popularity, despite their astronomically high prices becoming a meme on cubing forums and discussion pages.

Since 2011, they have pioneered some huge advances in cubing hardware, particularly 3x3. This includes putting magnets in 3x3s (which was a collaboration with Cubicle Labs to make the Gan 356 Air UM), the first elasticity system (GES), the first interchangeable magnets (GMS), and also cube presentation. GAN Box v5, GES v3, GES+, IPG v5, Numerical IPG, GMS v1, GANINFINITY, and Honeycomb v2 are all innovations by Gans.


Gan 249

Released October 2017. Gan's first 2x2. Received a lot of attention as their 3x3s were many peoples' mains already, however it was generally considered to be a flop. Dull shades and the sluggish feel were the main contributions to its demise. A magnetic version was also offered as the GAN 249M.

Gan 2160

Released in 2016. A large 2x2 160mm across each edge made up of 8 GAN 3x3 storage boxes as the cubies. Was meant to store 2x2s, but as it used a 356 core it could be used as a fully-functional 2x2.

Gan 249 V2

Released in December 2017. It features a honeycomb design on the corner contact points and an overall smooth feel. The Stickerless version features a bright stickerless color scheme, primary plastic internals, while the black plastic version features the GAN Full Bright color scheme and black plastic internals, as well as many features taken from their 3x3s. Widely considered to be a nice second attempt.

Gan 251 M

Released in August 2019. The GAN 251 M is the newest 2x2 release from GAN. This puzzle features all of the same characteristics of the 249 V2 M like great corner cutting, matte finish, a light/airy feel, and a medium magnetic strength. This small increase in size (2mm), although seemingly insignificant, is definitely noticeable and gives the solver much more control over the puzzle and ultimately leads to a better solving experience.


Ganspuzzle I

Released in March 2011.[2] A 3x3x3 cube notable for having a stickerless design, when such cubes were still rare. The Gans I was a fast turner, but would lock up quite badly. Its main competitors, DaYan's GuHong V2 and Zhanchi V1 were much smoother and effortless to turn compared to the crunchy, unstable Ganspuzzle I which would frequently pop, seemingly at random, even when turning lightly.

Ganspuzzle II

Released in May 2011.[3] A redesign of the original Gans, this one came with stickers, and had far fewer lockups. A sluggish cube straight out of the box, although speed improved after many solves. Despite popping being significantly reduced, it could not compete with DaYan cubes, and never really gained much notoriety.

Ganspuzzle III

Released in August 2013, with a second version (Gans III V2) released in November. One major problem was the lockups and the 'flexing' due to the long edge pieces which was a major downside, however this cube was considered a success, and this is the first GAN cube many people remember using.

Gans 357

Released in March 2014. It was called the 357 because it is a Gans 3-layered 57mm cube, and marked the start of their naming scheme which they have used in every cube since. It was known for having light and crispy buttery smooth turning, a very distinctive difference between other cubes of the time and became many peoples' mains, but did not get much traction compared to the cubes like the Moyu AoLong. This is due to the sheer number of ridges on the pieces; both edges and corners. The edge bases were enlarged to resolve the 'flexing'. As well as this, the plastic was altered to a softer one than the Gans III to help provide more of a buttery feel like the DaYan cubes, and possibly the original WeiLong. An improved "ultimate" version was later released, for people who preferred the larger size over the now-standard 56mm or 55.5mm cubes.

Gans 356

Released in early 2015. This cube was a smaller upgrade over the 357, which debuted screws in every piece; corners, edges, and centres. This was when most people first heard of the Gans brand - due to this cube's absolutely effortless corner-cutting anywhere: up to 50 degrees and 30 reverse, which made lockups almost unheard of. It had the same buttery smooth feel as the 357, but noteably the clackiness and flimsiness had gone away. The 356 also debuted the first version of the GAN box V1. Some cubers, however, reported fairly serious catching issues on the cube, however there are mixed opinions on this. The general consensus now is that the factory tensions were different on different cubes, so different cubers had different out-of-the-box opinions.

Gans 356S

Released in May 2015. The Gans 356S was a Gans 356 with a different ridge layout on the pieces, however it was quickly discontinued for unknown reasons, and the 356S V2 was debuted in its stead.

Gans 356S V2

Released in December 2015. It was an updated Gans 356S. Four variants were offered: the 356S V2, 356S V2 Lite, 356S V2 Master, and 356S V2 Advanced.

Gans 356 Air

The Gans 356 Air was released in August 2016. The goal of this cube was to retain the buttery smooth feeling of other 356 variants whilst making it quieter, lighter, and generally easier to turn. It was the first cube to use the original dual-adjustment system called Gans Elasticity System (GES) that allows users to swap out the springs to adjust the feel of the cube by changing the spring compression between eight versions. Originally, clear nuts were the preffered option but now most cubers use green or yellow. It was extremely quiet, fast, and buttery compared to it's main competitor - the MoYu AoLong V2. It was endorsed by Feliks Zemdegs, Sebastian Weyer, Max Park, and other top speedcubers.

Air Grand Master

A standard Gans Air instead it came with all the GES nuts, a metal tensioning tool, a bag, and a card in addition to the cube.

Air Master

A standard Gans Air instead it came with 3 GES nuts, a bag, and a metal tensioning tool in addition to the cube.

Air Advanced

A standard Gans Air instead it came with a tensioning tool in addition to the cube.

Air S

The non-magnetic variant of the Air SM and with a lighter feel (69g) due to there not being magnets or slots for magnets. It also comes with GES v3.

Air S Master

An improved Air S with extra accessories and GES v2 instead of GES v3.

Air Ultimate

The non-magnetic verson of the Air UM providing a similar expierience to the Air S: lighter and easier to turn without the click of magnets. It features the same glueing of pieces as was found in the Air UM.

Gan 356 Air UM

The GAN Air UM was released in January 2017. At the first mass produced magnetic 3x3, and at the time, the only one. It was the result of a collaboration between Cubicle Labs and GAN. Cubicle Labs did the magnetism, while GAN made the “U”. U stands for Ultimate, which meant this was a GAN Air Ultimate. The Ultimate was an Air that had the pieces glued together and the screws in the pieces removed to reduce weight. It was also set up by GAN, and had more GES nuts and accessories than the standard Air. The magnets in the UM were considered weak compared to the other magnetic cubes at the time (GTSv1 M and Valk M), but the magnets are stronger than the ones usually used on modern cubes. A prototype (later named as GAN Air 473, which was given away.) was used to break the former 3x3 world record of 4.73 seconds by Feliks Zemdegs. Many of the top cubers, such as Max Park, Feliks Zemdegs, Kian Mansour, etc. used the cube as their main. Many criticized the cube for being very loud and crunchy, compared to the relatively soft Air. Some also had problems with the magnets falling out. In 2017, a limited edition version was manufactured which was a Air UM with Max Park's set-up pre-installed and some newer features. 639 were issued to mark Max Park's 3x3 average World Record of 6.39.

Gan 356 Air SM

The GAN 356 Air SM was the highly anticipated successor to the GAN 356 Air UM. There were a number of small changes that transformed the crunchy and loud UM into a soft and smooth cube. There is a GES v2 system that is slightly looser than the GES v1, which theoretically allows for a faster cube. In addition, there are slots for the magnets, which ensure accurate placement and fixed the problem of dropping magnets. The biggest change was the honeycomb design on the pieces, which is what contributed to the soft feel. GAN said that this was to retain lube. However, the price seems less justified than the UM. Considering that there was no gluing of the pieces, and magnets would be easier to install due to the slots, the cube is $3 more expensive than the UM. The cube seems less clicky and stable than the UM, but is softer and faster. The magnets are slightly weaker on the SM than the UM. In October 2018, GAN released a new 3x3 called the Gan 356 Air SM 2019. It is an Air SM with a slight internal piece redesign and the new GES v3.

Gan 354M

Released in July 2018, it is smaller than most cubes but many people like the smaller size, especially for one-handed solving. It was the main of many speedcubers like Max Park and Dana Yi due to its fast yet controllable feel. Despite this, it was considered a failure by many people against its competitor, the MoYu WeiLong GTS3M, since it was very fast and at times uncontrollable compared to the snappy and stable GTS3M. In November 2018, it was debuted as the first ever cube in the GANINFINITY line.

Gan 356R

Released in October 2018, alongside the 356X. It is Gan's first ever 'budget cube' but is still likely to be more of a mid-ranged cube, retailing for about $15 (depending on where it is bought). It has been described as the 'GAN 356S V3' and even GAN themselves have called it the '356S Revival', however this cube now has the GES nuts system but retains the buttery smooth feel. Unfortunately, without self-magnetizing it, the cube was essentially useless as the turning was very fast, just like the 354M. Its main competitor, the YJ MGC, far outstripped it due to its more stable feel, cheaper price (around $12), and factory magnets. As well as this, the YJ MGC Elite debuted a GES-like system and retailed at a similar price of around $19. Despite this, the self-magnetized R was said to be 'the closest you can get to the 356X without speding $60' and since the X is usually considered the best 3x3, many people bought it just to magnetize it.

Gan 356X

Released in October 2018 along with the 356R. This is the highly anticipated new flagship 3x3 from GAN with two revolutionary new features; the first ever magnet replacement system, GAN Magnetic System (GMS). This system allows you to change the magnet strength of the cube in the edges (i.e. not corners) to highly change the feel of your cube adding to GAN's philosophy of more customization. In a teaser video, GAN boasted that you could change the magnet strength in 30 seconds, a feature previously unimagined. The magnet options are strong, medium, weak and null (non-magnetic). The way you change the magnet strength is by simply missalligning the middle layer by about 45 degrees and simply pushing the magnetic rod through the visible magnet slot in the edges, replacing the one already inside. The second feature is the new GES+ which allows for tool-free tensioning somewhat like the MoYu Spring Compression System featured in the MoYu WeiLong GTS3 lineup. In the new GES, there are also only 4 colours of nut with Green pre-installed. The way this works it that on the nut there are four settings that are visible as numbers, 0.6, 0.8, and 1.0, and these numbers mean how long the spring will be, not how tight the cube will be. So, the tightest setting, 0.6, compresses the spring to 0.6cm to make the cube tighter. The fourth setting simply says 0, and is to take the nut out. The puzzle retails as between $56 and $62 making it the most expensive non-limited edition cube ever released. This is largely due to the magnets adding on an extra ~$10.

Gan 356 Air Pro

Released March 2019. The GAN 356 Air Pro is the third non-magnetized version of the Air SM (after the original Air S and Air S Master) with a design that prioritizes soft feel and light weight, and the unique honeycomb design on the pieces. This version, however, distinguishes itself by featuring the premium numerical IPG (and GES+), allowing you to tension the cube by hand without the need for tools - this is done by compressing the spring incramentally in 4 strengths. This is only the second cube to use it after the 356X, making this a cheaper (but still nowhere near budget) way to use the innovations in a $60 cube in a $35 package. The Air Pro follows the same design language as its predeseccors by getting a soft, fast, and crispy turning while reducing weight at the same time by removing magnets. It comes in the same GAN packaging with normal full-bright shades and the same 69g as on the Air S, compared to the 76g of the Air SM.

Gan 356i

Released July 2019. The Gan 356i is the latest in smart-cube technology. With full motion tracking and statistics on each solve such as turns per second, rotations, and move count, this puzzle promises to help improve your times in a new, exciting way. Its complementary application, Cube Station, allows the user to also battle their friends and other cubers worldwide! The cube itself features a brand new design with large internals and quick, crunchy feel. This cube definitely brings the best of both worlds between technology and performance. In addition, many cubers have described this cube's turning and performance as equivalent to the Gan 356X, Gan's flagship regular cube, making it by far the best smart cube you can buy in terms of performance, compared to the Giiker cubes and GoCube. One disadvantage is the short battery life, the worst out of these three previously mentioned cubes. This cube is also compatible with the Gan Robot.

Gan 356XS

The Gan 356XS was released in late 2019 and featured improvements on top of the 356X, including GMS v2. It quickly became many top speedcubers mains due to its impressive performance and new customisation technology, despite its astronomical price.

Gan 356i Play

The Gan 356i Play was an iteration of the 356i which lacked the gyroscope technology found in the original 356i, to reduce the price.

Gan 356 RS

Released in January, 2020, It is a newer version of the Gan 356 R cube and it improves on the Gan 356 S. It has the Gan honeycomb v2 technology. This cube costs about $16. It has the IPG v5 plastic core and GES V3, it comes with the yellow GES nut pre-installed. Many people said that it was really fast and its feel can be compared to the Gan 356 XS, unfortunately, it had no magnets and was unstable, but this issue can be fixed by magnetizing the cube and many people that bought this cube have done it. After magnetization, its performance could compete with higher-end Gan cubes. Its design has the same base and plastic as the Gan 356 XS, and it boasts extremely smooth corner-cutting that the Gan 356 XS has. The cube only comes in stickerless, and its plastic also has a matte feeling that the XS has, therefore the design is technically a replica of the XS'.

Gan 356 M

Released in March 2020. It was Gan's next flagship 3x3. A popular opinion has been that it feels similar to the Gan X.

Gan 11 M Pro

Released in October 2020. It was Gan's next flagship 3x3. It features GMS v3: core magnets that can be swapped out or removed, and corner magnets that can be adjusted by flicking a switch on each corner piece, to adjust their strength. There are 3 surface finishes, soft, frosted, and UV-coated. The frosted version is available with 2 internal colors, primary or black. Other surface finish versions only come in primary internal color. There is no stickered version as of launch.


Gan 460M

Released in May 2018. Gan's only attempt at a 4x4, it features visible magnets and and the honeycomb design. It has had mixed reviews, with some switching to it over the GTS2M or WuQue M but many sticking with the latter options.


GAN Megaminx

Released in summer 2019. It competes with the X-Man Galaxy V2 M and the people who have felt one (mainly scramblers at competitions due to its high price) say it is very close to matching or has already matched the performance of the Galaxy line. The cube has black internals and visible magnets, like the recent 356 releases, but also adds a concave dip in the pices, similar to (but not as extreme as) a concave Galaxy puzzle.

Rubik's Speed Cubes

GAN has collaborated with Rubik's to make two speedcubes for the Red Bull World Cup. They feature many GAN elements as they were mostly designed by GAN, however they also have tiles like the Rubik's 2.0 series. They are fairly average cubes, certainly not bad, but not top of the market. There are currently only a 2x2 and a 3x3, known as RSC2 and RSC3 in the range.


The GANINFINITY line of speedcubes is a custom service where are nine options on a custom "menu" similar to the Cubicle Custom service and the options are as follows. The main idea is that these cubes are not 'flagships' but provide flagship features for people who like these uniquer cubes, generally with different sizes like the first GANINFINITY cube, the 354. The service has nine options that you can customize and the factory will produce your personalized speedcube on-demand. The line is designed to compete with on-demand custom cubes by stores, such as SpeedCubeShop or CubeDepot. As is expected with on-demand cubes, the prices skyrocket over the base cube. As well as the customization options, you can have four pre-customized options that are mass-produced if you want a good, pre-set-up speedcube without having to choose your options. These cubes aren't produced on-demand, and are similar to the Air UM Max Park Signature Edition, as they are essentially the base cube customized and set-up as the cubes' namesake wishes. Using an analogy, the customizable cubes are like Cubicle Custom and these are like Angstrom, Pro Shop, and Labs. Sidenote: Interestingly the colour scheme for GANINFINITY is orange compared to the standard blue - you recieve some cool bags and cards that are orange! The customizable options are as follows:

• Firstly, you can choose between a stickered or stickerless cube.

• [STICKERED ONLY] The colour of the OUTER plastic (i.e. NOT the internals, just the piece caps), if you choose a stickered cube, which you can choose between Black, White, White Jade, Red, Pink, and Blue. A notable omission is Stickerless, which GAN attributed to the difficulty of producing stickerless cubes with a custom colour scheme, however the last option lets you choose stickerless cubes from pre-selected shades.

• [STICKERED ONLY] After choosing the plastic colour for the stickered cubes, you can choose the stickers. The sticker options are the normal Gans shades, half-brights and full-brights, however you can now select full-fitted stickers (not that you would want to, but hey, more options) which have been unseen on a GAN cube since the notorious 357.

• [STICKERLESS ONLY] If you have chosen a stickerless cube, you may now pick the shades. As we have come to expect, there is a full-bright and half-bright option just like we have seen on the newest editions to the 356 lineup. Interestingly, with each of this you can pick a pink colour to replace the orange face, just like on old Eastsheen cubes.

• One of the most talked-about features of GANINFINITY is the ability to change the internals. Whilst on ALL previous GAN cubes, including stickerless, there are only black internals, while on Ganinfinity you can choose between SIX different colours, and you can be pretty adventurous with your cube - white, white jade, black, blue, pink, or red.

• A feature seen only seen on the X is different magnet options, however these are not interchangeable like in the GAN 356X. This is because you select one magnet option and you don't get the others. The magnetic options are standard; Clear 3*2, Yellow 3*1.8, and Green 3.16, however there is no magnetless option as we see in the GMS unit in the 356X, however regardless of what strength you choose the magnets will ship with clear capsules. Curiously, there are two different categories for corners and edges, assuming you want different strength in them.

• Another colour variation option here; you may change the colour of the magnet capsules. Unlike what you may have thought, these are not clear, yellow, and green like in GMS - instead they are clear (default), orange, and purple.

• Next, you may select the core, which will change the GES nuts, and the options are the same as the GAN 356X; IPG v5 and Numerical IPG, which will allow you to change tensions hands-free, a feature only currently seen on the X.

• The GES Nuts are V5 or Numerical depending on your core choice and are as seen on the newest GES; Yellow 3.4N, Green 2.5N, Blue 2.1N, and Purple 1.8N. As in the magnet choice, and extra case with the remaining GES nuts is not shipped.

• A lubrication option is next with your standard GAN lubes, and no other lube options appliable as in custom cubes. Of course, this is because Gan is a manufacturer but it is a bit disappointing to have to apply your own lubes in these custom cubes.


Released November 2018. The Gan 354M INFINITY is the first cube of the GANINFINITY series of custom cubes. The main idea is that this cube is literally a smaller 356X, with all the features you would expect from Gan's flagships at the small size and flexy feel that many speedcubers liked. The cube recieved a positive opinion from the community, with most people praising Gan for their innovativity and creativity in providing this unseen service at a reasonable price compared to it's biggest competitor, Cubicle Custom. As this was the first cube in the lineup, there are no special features, simply the standard customizability we see in GANINFINTY. In this cube, the non-customizable cubes are:

Feliks Zemdegs Edition 354M

Dana Yi Edition 354M

Leo Borromeo Edition 354M


Released September 2019. It is a 356X with the GANINFINITY customization features.


Gans Magic Lube

The Gans Magic Lube was released in August 2017. It is a low-medium viscosity piece lubricant designed to be used in Gans puzzles.

Gans Sticky Lube

The Gans Sticky Lube is a fairly low-viscosity piece lubricant that is slightly thicker than the Gans Standard Lube that was released in June 2016.

Gans Standard Lube

The Gans Standard Lube is a low-viscosity piece lube released in August 2016.

Other Products

Gan Backpack

The Gan Backpack is a high-quality backpack with a slot built to hold cubes with foam dividers between them. This was one of the first cubing backpacks to be released, and it originally retailed for $80.

Gan Robot

The Gan Robot is, as the name suggests, a cube solving robot that is compatible with the Gan 356i, though Gan has said it will soon be compatible with all 56mm cubes, either by releasing a new version or with an update. It solves the cube on its own or can scramble it, the scrambler being the product's main function/feature. It retails for $95.

Gan Robot 2.0

The Gan Robot 2.0 is an update on the previous Gan Robot that features higher turning speed amongst other improvements.

Gan CFOP Notebook

A squared notebook with dedicated pages to write down CFOP cases and algorithms and a template.

Gan WR Cards

Basically bookmark-type card things with the scramble, time and solver of the 4.73, 4.59, 4.22, and 3.47 3x3x3 world record singles.

Other merchandise

Gan provides other merchandise, including the Gan T-shirt, Gan Pad, Gan Mat and Gan Cube Bag.

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