Ganyuan Jiang

Ganyuan Jiang
Background Information
Alias(es): GAN
Country: China
Years Active: 2006 onwards
WCA ID: 2007JIAN02
Claim to Fame: First Chinese NR. Gans speedcubes

Ganyuan Jiang (江淦源), also known as GAN, is a Chinese speedcuber, and the founder of the Gans speedcubing brand.

The first WCA-sanctioned Chinese speedcubing tournament was the Guangdong Open 2007. Ganyuan Jiang won the 3x3x3 competition with a best average time of 15.46 secs and a best single time of 13.43 secs, setting the first Chinese national records for this event. He also set early records for the 3x3x3 One-Handed.

He is said to have been an early promoter of the CFOP method in China: "he firstly uploaded CFOP video online; the CFOP formula sorting by GAN became the required course of all speed cubers."[1]

Around 2006 he was one of the developers of the first Chinese DIY Rubik's cube kit known as the GuoJia or Type A cube. In March 2011 he released his own cube: the first Gans cube.[2]

He founded the GanCube company in 2014.[3]