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Founded: 2004
Location: China
Years Active: 2004-present
Areas served: Worldwide
Website: [unknown unknown]
Products: GuHong, LingYun, LunHui, ZhanChi, Panshi

DaYan, also known as, 大雁, DY, Big Goose, DaiYan and TaiYan. Manufacturer of the DaYan GuHong and ZhanChi cubes.


DaYan is a Chinese brand designed by Daqing Bao (包大庆). His username on MF8 is "大烟头" (Da Yan Tou). The logo on Dayan cubes uses the last charactor "头" (Tou) and means head or first. The brand name is DaYan 大雁 (note the different "yan" character 雁), and it refers to a wild goose (specifically the Swan goose, Anser cygnoides).


Dayan 1: TaiYan

The Dayan Taiyan was the first cube made by Dayan. It was originally just called "Dayan 3x3", however it was mistranslated as "Taiyan". In 2011 "Taiyan" (which means "Enormous Blaze") was adopted as the official model name.[1]

Dayan 2: GuHong

GuHong Version 1 (Released June 2010)

Black DaYan GuHong
White DaYan GuHong

The GuHong Cube has edges which have an unusual shape and split apart in two pieces, similar to one of the V-Cube 6 internal pieces. The corners have stalks and split into thirds and have two little Y-shaped parts that go into holes that are in the corners to attach the thirds. The centers are bigger and different from a normal DIY. It is noted that one of the sides of the core are smaller than the rest, so it is recommended that you either use a different core or force the screw into the hole. When you take off a layer of the cube, you will see that the inner circumference of empty space is smaller than usual. It is recommended to set the tensions to tight, as it may pop.

The cube was extremely fast and smooth. It was also quiet as well. Many people said that the cube was uncontrollable and a bit prone to popping. Like the Dayan II, it could cut corners at 45 degrees. The Guhong was famous for being the first cube which could perform reverse corner-cutting.

It was a very popular cube, used by many cubers. The older versions were considered to be better than their newer counterparts however. The plastic was strictly ABS which gave them a much faster and smoother feel, while the newer GuHongs were made with a mix of ABS and PC plastic, which has a harder feel, making the cubes seem to have a laggy, sticky feel. The characteristics of the older GuHongs were: black screws, clearish opaque core, softer plastic with a slightly muted black color rather than shiny (the white ones are shiny but a brighter white), the cylinder inside the center piece (which holds the screw) is slightly shorter and does not come up to the top of the center piece (while the newer ones do), and the center caps had much longer tabs on them. The old ones are quite rare to find.

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GuHong Version 2 (Released April 2012)

GuHong Version 2

This is the second version of the Dayan GuHong. It was pretty much a GuHong with anchor pieces. It had a different feel to the original GuHong. The plastic is different and seems to give the cube a "cheaper", thinner feel. Corner cutting is excellent and layers seem to pop into place, due to the torpedoes.

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Dayan 3: LingYun

LingYun Version 1 (Released 2010)

This is the first version of the Dayan LingYun. This cube was a fast cube but prone to popping. It was slightly smaller, yet heavier than the GuHong, with similar pieces, but with bigger "dips" for better corner cutting. The "stalk" areas of the edges are slightly longer, which was supposed to (but failed to) reduce popping.

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LingYun Version 2 (Released September 2011)

LingYun Version 2

This is the second version of the Dayan LingYun. The main difference between this cube and the first version is that this cube included torpedo pieces, preventing (most) pops. Like the GuHong v2, this cube also has a different feel than the original LingYun. This is mainly due to the torpedoes, but the plastic seems different again. The original Ling Yun plastic feels closer to the original ZhanChi, while the LingYun v2's plastic, feels like that of the newer ZhanChis.

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Dayan 4: LunHui (Released April 2011)

Dayan LunHui

This is the fourth 3x3 cube in the Dayan series. This was the first Dayan cube to include torpedo pieces. It was heavier than most cubes, and a bit sluggish, but what made it special was the anchor ("torpedo") pieces attached to the edges which reduced popping. If the tensions are too loose, however, it would pop, but it could still be tensioned very loose and not pop. This cube becomes reasonably nice after a good breaking in period and proper lubing. The corner cutting is superb and has a unique feel.

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Dayan 5: ZhanChi (Released July 2011)

57mm ZhanChi DIY Kit
55mm ZhanChi Box
50mm ZhanChi Box
42mm ZhanChi Box

This is the fifth 3x3 cube in the Dayan series. It became one of the most popular speedcubes (and the one used by Feliks Zemdegs to obtain multiple former world records). Like all other Dayan cubes, it comes in stickered and stickerless versions.

It was similar to the GuHong, but with "anchors" to prevent popping and ridges on the edges to reduce popping even more. Unlike the GuHong, which is a bit clicky, this cube is very smooth. The anchor pieces are removable and the ridges on the edge pieces are often enough to prevent most popping. Corner cutting is excellent, but popping will occur if tensioned too loose. The cube, if not tensioned properly, will have a serious problem with the center caps staying in place. Like the GuHong, the original batch of this cube was different and much better. It had much softer plastic which gave it a much smoother feel, while the newer ones had harder plastic, which give it a scratchy, smacky feel. It is very difficult to know which one you have, unless you know the feel of both. The ZhanChi was also, by far, the most modded cube, ever. There are several different "versions" of this cube sold in different stores throughout the world. The Cubicle used to sell a one handed version, as well as a version called the ZhanChi Silk, however these are both out of production. Puzzle Addictions sold a ZhanChi with a modded center piece (CPM). Lubix had the ultimate ZhanChi, with the 48 point edge mod, etc. This cube was also available in numerous shapes and sizes.

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The smaller 55 & 50 mm Zhanchis were better suited for one-handed solving, because the smaller size made it easier to handle.

ZhanChi 42mm (Released 2012?)

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Dayan 6: PanShi (Released February 2013)

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Dayan + MF8 4x4

Dayan+MF8 4x4 Box

Dayan collaborated with MF8, another Chinese company, to produce a 4x4x4 Cube. It was considered one of the best 4x4's, and Feliks Zemdegs used it to break the average world record at WC 2011. However, without modding, the edges often popped if you tried to corner cut too much.

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Dayan Megaminx (Released October 2012)

DaYan Megaminx is a Megaminx based on the GuHong v1. It's available in black, white and stickerless with, or without corner ridges.

Other products

  • DaYan 2x2
  • DaYan Pyraminx
  • DaYan Crazy Cube
  • DaYan Gem Cube
  • DaYan Bermuda Cube
  • DaYan Octahedron

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