Leo Borromeo

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Leo Borromeo
Background Information
Country: Philippines
Born: 31 August 2007 (age 14)
Occupation(s): Student
Years Active: 2015-present
WCA ID: 2015BORR01
Claim to Fame: Various NR, one AsR, Monkey League winner

Leo Borromeo is a Filipino speedcuber who is regarded as one of the best cubers in the Philippines and Asia. Over the course of his career, he has set 11 NRs and one CR, won 36 events, finished second in 26 events and finished third in 6 events across the various Rubik's Cube competitions he participated in. Currently, he holds the 3x3 OH average, 4x4 single and 4x4 average NRs and is sponsored by the puzzle manufacturer GAN.


Leo Borromeo first really got into cubing when he met JB CaƱares in a restaurant. JB was one of the leaders in the cubing community in Cebu, the city he lived in. He was the first person to show him what the cubing community was all about.

The first competition that Leo Borromeo attended was Cebu Open 2015. There, he achieved a 30.47 single and 37.74 average in 3x3, finishing as 28th in the competition, therefore not going past the first round. He won his first event, 3x3, in Cebu Open 2017, with a 7.83 single and 9.47 average. His first NR was set with a 5.96 3x3 single at Visayas Championship 2017 in the first round, followed by a 3x3 NR average of 7.51 at the same competition in the final round. He then again broke the average NR in 3x3 of at the final round of Cebu Masters 2018 with 7.15 and then beat it again with 7.05 at the first round of the Philippine Championship 2018. In the same year, he set both the 5.12 NR single and 6.37 CR average at the Bonfacio Memorial 2018 competition first round. He then set the 4x4 NR single of 26.40 at the final round of City Of Love Open 2019. At Cebu Masters 2019, he set the 2x2 NR single with a time of 1.14. Later, he set his second 4x4 NR average of 28.81 seconds at the Negros Speedcubing Open 2019 in the final round and then beat the 4x4 NR single with 23.28 at the Cebu Speedcubing Year End 2019 competition in the final round. He got his first one-handed NR average of 11.01 at the first round of Cebu Open 2020 and in the same competition set the 4x4 NR single of 22.63 in the final round.

In the Monkey League online competition, he finished as Monkey League runner-up in season 1 and as Monkey League Champion in season 2.