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CubingUSA Nationals 2017 (sometimes referred to as US Nationals 2017, often shortened to US Nats 2017 or Nats 2017) was a United States national speedcubing championship held at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana from 7 July 2017 to 9 July 2017, delegated by James Hildreth and Tim Reynolds.


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Unofficial Events

There were two unofficial events at CubingUSA Nationals 2017

Sail Challenge

The Sail Challenge was a tournament-style racing event similar to the GuanLong Challenge in which the top 16 competitors interested in the challenge in the first round of 3x3x3 were given 5 minutes to prepare a QiYi Sail with provided lubrication and tensioning. After the 5 minutes, the competitors went head-to-head in a bracket-style, best-of-1 formatted competition lasting four rounds.

In each, sets of 2 competitors raced against each other with their Sails. The loser of each pair had to give their Sail to the winner, and the Sails they accumulated from winning previous rounds also had to be solved along with their original Sail. The winner of the final round won all 16 Sails and was given a US$50 gift card to

The winner of the Sail Challenge was Daniel Karnaukh with a time of 1:26.26 with 8 QiYi Sails.

Thunderclap Challenge

The Thunderclap Challenge was a tournament-style racing event similar to the GuanLong Challenge and Sail Challenge, except only the top 8 winners from the first round of the Sail Challenge and another 8 competitors could opt into the Thunderclap Challenge, there was no inspection time, and competitors were split into two teams: Team A with the slower solvers and Team B with the faster solvers. Competitors from Team A went against competitors from Team B in pairs in a bracket-style format. Competitors in Team A would give 5-second standard hand scrambles for their Team B opponent, while competitors in Team B would give 20-second scrambles that could include flipped edges, twisted corners, hand scrambling, and swapped pieces on the cube (center caps could be switched in the first round but not in the following rounds).

Like the GuanLong Challenge and Sail Challenge, there were 5 minutes to set up the cube with lubricants and tensioning, and there were four rounds in which the losers had to give their Thunderclap(s) to the winner which would be used in the following round.

In the final round, the competitors (Drew Brads and Henry Hammer) were free to try to block the view of each others' cubes whenever it was possible.

The winner of the Thunderclap Challenge was Drew Brads.


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