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US Nationals 2015 (often shortened to US Nats 2015 or Nats 2015) was a United States national speedcubing championship held at the Hilton Head Beach and Tennis Resort in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina from 31 July 2015 to 2 August 2015, delegated by Jim Mertens and Tim Reynolds.


  • All US Nationals 2015 competitors could take a free Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle
  • During the GuanLong Challenge, Mitchell Lane briefly went outside to retrieve sand during the cube set-up phase and put it in his GuanLong. He then put about half of a syringe of Weight 3 lube and about half of a bottle of Maru lube on the pieces, making his cube as gummy and sandy (literally) as possible.
  • Pavan Ravindra's 5.58 second 3x3x3 solve in the final round was about half the time of his average, 10.60. His 5.58 solve was ranked at 6th place in the world by the end of 2015.

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The GuanLong Challenge was the unofficial event of US Nationals 2015. The top 15 placers in the first round of 3x3x3 that chose to participate were given a YJ GuanLong speedcube. Competitors had 5 minutes to set up their GuanLongs through modding, lubing, tensioning, etc. Afterwards, competitors were not allowed to further adjust their GuanLongs, and four best-of-1 rounds were done between all 15 competitors with sets of 2 competitors each round, with the losers being eliminated.

In the first round, the winner with the lowest time to solve their GuanLong took the loser's GuanLong.

In the second round, each remaining competitor solved their two GuanLongs, and the losers gave their GuanLongs, again, to the winners.

In the third round, each remaining competitor solved their four GuanLongs, and the losers gave their GuanLongs, once more, to the winners.

In the fourth and final round, each of the 2 remaining competitors solved their eight GuanLongs and the loser gave their GuanLongs to the winner.

The winner of the GuanLong Challenge was Lucas Etter with a result in the final round of 1:23.96 for 8 GuanLongs.


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