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Megaminx methods

Contrary to popular belief, the Megaminx is not substantially harder than a 3x3x3 to solve. The Megaminx can be solved up until the last face exactly like F2L on a normal Rubik's Cube. Generally, a solver will start with a "star" on one side, analogous to the cross on a Rubik's Cube. Then, corners and edges are paired and placed exactly like that of CFOP F2L until only the last face needs to be solved. From here there are several ways to go about solving the last face. Many algorithms used on a Rubik's Cube can be applied to the last layer of the Megaminx. For example, Sune (R U R' U R U'2 R') cycles three edges, and F R U R' U' F' and its inverse orient edges just like that of a Rubik's Cube.

Methods without articles

  • Tregay method
  • MiniTripod method
  • Villaret method [1]
  • Akkersdijk method [2]
  • Hayes method
  • efattah's method [3]

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