Yu Da-Hyun method

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Yu Da-Hyun method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Yu Da-Hyun
Proposed: unknown
Alt Names: Yu Da-Hyun order, Yu Da-Hyun S2L
Variants: S2L, Westlund method
No. Steps: 6
No. Algs:
Avg Moves: unknown

The Yu Da-Hyun method or Yu Da-Hyun order is a variant of the Westlund method for solving the Megaminx by Yu Da-Hyun, former Megaminx WR single and average holder. The main difference to the Westlund method is that the Last Layer is not opposite the first layer.


  1. Choose one partially solved face and solve the two star edges that touch the F2L.
  2. Insert three pairs in the three slots you have created to solve the face you chose.
  3. Choose an adjacent face and insert the edge touching the F2L to create two slots and insert the respective pairs.
  4. Repeat the last step but on the face which is on top of the first two ones you solved.
  5. Solve one of the two remaining faces.
  6. Solve the Last Layer.


  • Since the blocks are built next to each other instead of being placed separately, the solver slowly removes blindspots and therefore improves lookahead.
  • Because of the pairs, this approach is easy to learn for 3x3 solvers who know the popular CFOP method.


  • Because of the lack of blockbuilding and being required to solve in a specified order, the solver is not always able to be efficient and take advantage of lucky cases.

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