Bálint method

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Bálint method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Bálint Bodor
Proposed: unknown
Alt Names:
Variants: S2L
No. Steps: 4
No. Algs: unknown
Avg Moves: unknown

The Bálint method is a method to solve the Megaminx, specifically S2L, which was invented by and named after Bálint Bodor, a famous Hungarian Megaminx solver. The Bálint method allows for the ending of the solve to be more similar to 3x3x3 F2L while sacrificing lookahead.


  1. Solve the First Two Layers.
  2. Solve five Bálint blocks.
  3. Solve five pairs.
  4. Solve the Last Layer.

Bálint block

A Bálint block consists of two edges and one corner connected to a center and is built on top of the F2L. For efficiency, this is often done via blockbuilding. After the five Bálint blocks which are not allowed to touch each other have been built, five empty slots (each one unsolved edge and corner) remain to be solved.


  • The finish of the second two layers is very similar to F2L on 3x3x3, which is a very familiar step for CFOP users, so the solver can apply their knowledge from 3x3x3.


  • Because of the spread out empty slots, lookahead gets harder and more rotations are required.

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