Petrus method (Megaminx)

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Petrus method
Information about the method
Alt Names:
No. Steps: 5
No. Algs: 36 (3LLL) - 167 (2LLL)
Avg Moves: unknown

The Petrus method for solving the Megaminx is a method which utilizes Edge Orientation on the last two faces and Blockbuilding throughout most of the solve like in the 3x3x3 Petrus method. Although it is a standalone method, it can also be used in conjunction with other methods like the Westlund method as an alternative way to finish the last two faces.


  1. Solve a 2x2x2 block.
  2. Extend the block so many times until only two unsolved faces remain.
  3. Orient all edges on both faces. This can mostly be done like on 3x3x3.
  4. Solve up to the Last Layer using 2-gen moves.
  5. Solve the Last Layer in either three (OCLL + CPLL + EPLL) or two (OCLL + PLL) looks.


  • 2LLL: The last layer can be solved in only two looks without any influencing from last slot and slightly less algorithms than for standard 3LLL.
  • Ergonomics: After EO, the last block can be solved 2-gen, allowing for high TPS.


  • Edge Orientation: The solver needs to spend time on EO recognition and execution while other pieces could have been solved in the mean time. Since only nine edges are being oriented, EO is also not as effective as in ZZ-Spike.
  • Lookahead: Due to unfixed solving order and trying to be as efficient as possible, it becomes harder to look ahead to the next step, so pauses may be very common. It is possible to circumvent this issue by using a more fixed method such as the Westlund method to solve up to two faces remaining, where one can then continue by solving Petrus-style.

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