Proposer(s): Lars Vennike Nielsson
Proposed: 2008
Alt Names:
Variants: COLL,OLLCP
No. Algs: 43
Avg Moves: ~12
Previous state: LL:UnorientedEdges cube state
Next state: LL:EO+CO+CP cube state

LL:UnorientedEdges cube state -> CLLEF step -> LL:EO+CO+CP cube state

The CLLEF step is the step between the LL:UnorientedEdges cube state and the LL:EO+CO+CP cube state.

Corners Last Layer [and] Edge Flip is a subset of OLLCP. CLLEF is similar to COLL in that it orients and permutes last layer corners simultaneously. However, instead of preserving LL edge orientation the algorithms flip all last-layer edges, leaving only edge permutation (EPLL). This would be used as an alternative to OLL/PLL in a regular Fridrich solve, where the OLL case has no oriented edges.

It is worth noting that CLLEF has one more case than COLL; 43 instead of 42. This is for the case where all corners are oriented and permuted but the edges still need to be oriented, leaving only edge permutation (EPLL).

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