This page is about the OLLCP method substep. For the algs, see OLLCP (few algs).

Proposer(s): Various
Variants: CLLEF
No. Algs: 331
Avg Moves: ~11
Previous state: F2L cube state
Next state: LL:EO+CO+CP cube state

F2L cube state -> OLLCP step -> LL:EO+CO+CP cube state

The OLLCP step is the step between the F2L cube state and the LL:EO+CO+CP cube state.

Orientation of Last Layer and Corner Permutation OLLCP is an experimental LL method which both orients the last layer and solves the corners. Thus after this step only EPLL remains. The price to get there however is a high algorithm count (300+). Only a very few number of people use the full set, but a number of people use the subsets COLL and CLLEF. Several people came up with the idea, some of them after they wanted to re-learn some OLL algorithms and noticed the new algorithms had a different effect on the corners. By 'recycling' the old OLL algorithms it is sometimes very easy and fast to be able to avoid an N perm and get higher chances of PLL-skips. Because some OLLCP algorithms are really slow and because of the high number of algorithms, it is advisable to only learn the nice and fast algorithms. A slow OLLCP plus a U perm is probably slower than a fast 'normal' OLL algorithm leaving any other PLL.

See also

  • OLLCP (few algs)
  • OLLCP-A. The subset in which all corners are already oriented.
  • COLL. The subset in which all edges are already oriented.
  • CLLEF. The subset in which none of the edges are already oriented.
  • CxLL. Various subsets which solve the Corners of the Last Layer
  • EPLL. Edge Permutation of the Last Layer which follows OLLCP

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