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What would you say is the easiest WCA event to learn how to solve?


Jan 9, 2014
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You know, I think 5 bld is a pretty easy event to get your sister started on
Yeah 5BLD is super easy I can say. Just took me 6 more years after I first learnt how to solve a Rubik's cube to pull off a successful 5BLD solve.

Easy peasy.
One passing in 5BLD is even more easier. Also using block commutators to solve +and x at the same time is super easy. Floating orientation to get mor solved centers and avoid void parity is also another easy optimization you can do in 5BLD to get sub-2 minutes in 5BLD which is a super easy barrier to achieve in no time and with minimal efforts.

Also 5-style algs for 5BLD are bad (They are only good for 3x3 edges), so we do not have to learn that many algs to do a 5BLD solve lol.