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[Member Intro] Wassup I’m from Seattle i play basketball and I average 35 on 3x3


Apr 8, 2021
Hi! If you have discord my discord is KBNM_MIR#5236. i average the same (if were talking 3x3 which i tink we are.) Race sometime?


Aug 10, 2020
West Virginia
yeah kind of
Im mainly a nets fan
Not a bad team and I think they will at least make the finals.

There will be a new Space Jam movie! :p
July 16th

I’d just like to say that the Wolves are so bad that they lost last night while still scoring 137, but I still stick with them. Also, we might go 2 years in a row with #1 picks? Anthony Edwards, KAT, and Jalen Suggs? We’d basically be unstoppable (except not, but I can dream, right?)!
yes you can dream but the wolves are terrible

last time I saw, Harden was with the rockets. I haven't watched in a long time.
Yeah hes on the Nets and I think he might make the finals with them. Also Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving is also on the Nets with him.

im a brooklyn nets, and dallas mavericks fan.
I never saw a Mavericks fan since their 2011 chip run

I play basketball too. What position do you usually play?
I know you didnt ask me but I play positions 3-5. SF, PF, and C
welcome! :D I'm kinda close to Seattle and play basketball as well! What other events do you do? and what's your favourite team?
I no where near Seattle lol.

btw I took a screenshot of this incase i get banned again