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US Nationals 2012 (Las Vegas)


Sep 26, 2010
Near Toronto, Ontario, Canada

-Super awesome amazing sensational?
-I now have faces to associate with usernames?
-In general, people are a bit shorter than I expected?
-My first encounter with Brest was when he tapped me on the shoulder and magically teleported from my right side to my left?
-Andrew apparently got a fast solve or something?
-Also this Japanese guy as well?
-5BLD 2 twisted corners?
-It is not advisable to compete in 3x3 right after 5BLD?
-Right before both rounds 1 and 2 of pyraminx I got a 4.3x Ao5 (previous PB 4.58)?
-Chris and I both barely missed 3x3 semis because of a stupid +2?
-Chris is terrible at 2x2?
-Out of my first 6 official 4x4 solves, 5 were 51.xx?
-I could have probably gotten a 32 or 31 for FMC if I had known about 8-move edge cycles?
-I only do parity for square-1 when I feel like it?
-This can occasionally result in a DNF?
-BigGreen is now LittleBlue?
-LittleBlue loves every single one of my cubes?
-For Master BattPoke, you eject the BattBall with the BattButton, and then return the BattBall to the BattClaws?
-For Ultra BattPoke, you instead place the BattBall in the BattCave?
-BattString finger-wrapping will become the meta for OHITA BattPoking?
-What happens in Vegas does not necessarily stay in Vegas?
-In England, fries are called fries?
-Z-perm > U-perm?
-OCLL skip = 1 minute wasted?
-Binary yes/no codes are hax?
-Jeong Jong-Ho megaminx out of freaking nowhere?
-Andrew guessed he did 1000 3x3 solves over the course of the weekend?
-The 6.15 was his best one?
-Breanden got a sub-7 on a 42mm Zhanchi?
-When a bunch of us were racing, Stefan was trying to beat Thom for a very long time?
-One solve, Thom got a DNF, but Stefan didn't notice?
-About 5 seconds later, Stefan gave up and tossed his cube on the table for Thom to scramble?
-We all laughed as he facepalmed because he could have won just by finishing the solve?
-When he finally got over it, he reset his timer?
-The timer was still running, meaning he still could have continued from that point?
-In addition to having fastest Q-permutation in Canada, Thompson has 3rd fastest cube permutation in Canada?
-Chester and Sarah have awesome TeamBLD codes?
-Chester was dapper as ****?
-During the day, that is?
-During my multiBLD, an edge piece popped off the table?
-When I went to feel around on the floor, I found it instantly and put it back in correctly?
-Phil is good at TeamBLD distracting?
-But I'm not going to do a T-perm when we're in the middle of F2L?
-There was a canyon?
-It was grand?
-The comp was okay, but the city was a bit chilly?


Jul 1, 2008
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wtffff why are there so many mistakes? I'll double check them, but since I'm not actually the one who has access to the results page, I probably won't make the changes, unless you really really want the change to be made.

EDIT: ok so uhhh I think when I was editting the spreadsheet something must have happened because people's times and their names got switched around. I may actually have to go back and fix this...

EDIT2: I see what happened. Whoever entered in your time put in 58.46 instead of 0:58.46 because I set the format to m:ss.hh, so it converted it into a time that you didn't actually get. Sorry about the confusion.
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