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US Nationals 2012 (Las Vegas)


Feb 28, 2007
Somewhere without clouds...
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There were two groups.

Group A- F D2 F' D2 F' L2 F U2 F' U' B' U2 R' D B F D' L' F U2
Group B- R D L F R' F' B' D2 F R2 D' L2 B2 D F2 U' R2 D' L2 D'

Not sure which one you need but it was certainly one of those two.
Thanks, Kian, I really appreciate it. Can't really remember which one was the scramble I had but I'm sure I'll figure it out.


Jun 16, 2011
Levittown, PA
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I think I'll try this, since I haven't done one before and it's Nationals...

Did You Know...
-I ended up breaking my PB single in mega twice while PRACTICING for the finals?
-Felix is an awesome organizer?
-Best of 0 is a great format?
-Mike Hughey taught me how to scramble skewb seconds before we started the unofficial event?
-I saw two amazing comebacks in MultiBLD?
-4 way megaminx races are FANTASTIC? (Louis, Jonathan, Antoine, et moi)
-3 years of french doesn't help at all when trying to understand it?
-Mini zhanchi's are sooooooo cooooooool?
-Solving mega and pyra at 2 A.M. is great practice?
-Jeong Jong-Ho came out of nowhere and won mega?
-Stefan thinks I practice mega too much?
-So does Jonathan?
-...I need to practice mega moar?
-Macky is adventurous with his food?
-Finnish is the best language to count in?
-My 4x4 isn't good enough for Kevin Hays?(Or Austin Moore) :p
-He still won 4x4 anyway?
-I think I jinxed Rowe in the first round of mega... o_O
-Canadian accents are cool?
-I really wanna go to a Canadian comp now?
-Staff bonding time is the best?
-$2 bills?

That's all I got. :p

Also, PM me if you have any of my final round of mega on film, specifically my 59.58. Thanks!
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Nov 29, 2008
The BattCave
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Did you know that...

-AJ, Pat, and I had no idea what we were going to do for our mosaic, so we basically came up with the idea during our scheduled competition time and drew it freehand with no image to base it off of?
-If you hold out your left hand it can make a shape like an L (Like, L for left! So you can tell! That's so cool!)?
-Daniel Hayes independently invented Master Battpoke on the same day as Slater, Sarah, AJ, and me?
-He has a near-100% success rate at it?
-I probably made more puns this weekend than I have made in the past few years combined?
-Gotham's Breckoning?
-Slater and I disassembled Sarah's defective BattPoke to see if we could mod it and make it work?
-We were successful, and now it's the best one of all?
-While we were at it, we named all of the components?
-When reassembling a BattPoke, you need to remember to affix the BattString to the BattFrame?
-Even when "fewer" is correct, "less" has fewer syllables?
-(U)*40 (U2)*10?
-Zed Bed Led Led?
-Shouldn't it be reconstructour?
-When attempting BattCollisions, don't cross the streams?
-Cubers have widely varying ambulatory speeds?
-I'm apparently Thomas Edison because I said some words?
-BattMan is very hard to pronounce with two Ts without having it sound like BattsMan?
-Stefan Pokémann?
-Solving with feet is an unbecoming gimmick?
-Jeremy inspects up to PLL during team BLD?
-If you ask for a cup for water at McDonalds, they give you an ice cream cup?
-I sat at the only seat in the restaurant that didn't have a 90-degree viewing angle to at least one television?
-Thankfully, Chester wasn't defenestrated?
-I am absolutely terrible at playing video games on controllers?
-Jeremy has become a yes/no team BLD legend?
-Even green cross solvers are required to solve white cross on Sarah's cubes (evidently not many of you knew this)?
-AJ Brair world footbrind successu?
-HIJK doesn't count?
-Macky juggled a child?
-There were not nearly as many Canadians as I had hoped?
-I don't actually even know what H-perms is even?
-No guys, seriously, CW/CCW team BLD is a terrible idea?
-Everyone who knows OLLCP uses Roux?
-Up until the two hours before 6x6 round 1, I had only ever solved a 6x6 three times?
-I spent those two hours relearning my orientation parity alg because I couldn't remember it when I was holding a 6x6?
-Sarah inadvertently terrified a young child at McDonalds by leaving her Shrek doll on the table?
-After Anthony and Weston were on their second attempt at OLL, the judge decided the screen was no longer necessary?
-Brest pocket is best pocket?
-Tristan Wright is good at chess?
-AJ is still Man of Srice, but I am no longer 5x5 world record style?
-I don't think I'm ever switching back from saying zed?

Thanks to all of the organizers and everyone who I talked to over the course of the weekend; you were all awesome!

And yeah, as practically everyone has said, Brest is super cool.
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Apr 6, 2011
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Congrats to John Brechon for doing the most official solves at a WCA competition.
Louis Cormier is not 2nd, Baramee Pookcharoen is now 6th, and I am 9th tied with Feliks.


Jan 21, 2009
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Oh I only just noticed this: 29.01 podium sum NAR. Good job Andrew, Kevin and Phillip! It's kinda cool that it's still quite a decent podium without Rowe, Breandan or Yumu haha.


Jul 4, 2009
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My turn

Did you know...

I missed being 5 BLD national champ by 5 seconds?
my second 4x4 BLD attempt was two centers off and the judge thought it was solved at first?
Me and Dan do the same OLL but always from a different orientation?
Team BLD megaminx?
Team BLD yes or no takes a while?
I missed breaking my mega NAR single by .08 seconds?
my square 1 popped while in my bag and took way to long to reassemble?
relearning square 1 the day before solving is the way to make cutoff?
Nick likes 5 hour energy at midnight?
I solved a pyraminx in negative time (it was given to me solved)?
A zamboni is an ice resurfacer?
I predict correctly which way N perms go in Team BLD?
People still talk about my 4 BLD attempt at MIT spring?
U4 is the same as no AUF?
Out of every conversation I heard in French I perhaps recognized 5 words.
The 4x4 I was practicing with while doing my solves exploded?
It took me the time between 3 of the 5 solves to fix it?
Ethan's 3x3 exploded in 2-4 relay?
he flopped around trying to find the pieces (black pieces on a black rug are hard to see)?
he almost found all the pieces?
... and then someone picked up the last piece?
Skewb scrambles?
S sexy sledgehammer is a great algorithm?
fruruf U R U' R'?
Macky looks silly pretending to drown?
... and then people did the wave?
Thom is a cat?
Jonathan, Shonathon, Pochman all sound the same to me?


Nov 24, 2010
Shanghai, China


Mack Daddy
May 29, 2006
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More DYKs!

Did you know...

...the staff penthouse was way nicer than my room.
...Weston found the housekeeper in my room, but when we went back later that day, nothing had been cleaned.
...it's cheaper to gamble and get free drinks than actually pay for your drinks.
...there was free wifi throughout the hotel, but in the venue itself it was ridiculously expensive.
...I saw Sarah Strong win 3 jackpots in a row.
...you can make an elevator go straight to your floor without stopping by pressing the "door close" button, then holding down the button for your floor
...Stefan is pretty good at blindfolded basketball
...Thom has molested several people this weekend, but didn't even give me a hug :(
...Thom's hobbies and interests are David Woner
...the Sapphire is a hustle. A fantastically amazing hustle
...it's not nationals without drunk Chester
...it's not easy to pantomime "F'd up" to a non-English speaker
...the only British person working in the British pub was Australian
...entrees at the pub come with "chips or fries"
...Waris would've made finals if he would only commit to Bowser's Castle
...Waris owns 41 hats
...we took a vote, and it was unanimous: Waris is racist
...even Waris voted yes
...there are slot machines in the AM/PM in Vegas
...people were giving me funny looks all weekend every time I said "Brest"
...the only thing more awesome than Brest would be two Brests
...Missouri was, on average, the fastest state in the country at nationals this year
...I have no idea what the hell I'm going to do with $100 in 2s
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