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TPS & Triggers


Jun 11, 2018
i want to be sub 10 and win competitions, so if you think about it that way, i do suck compared to what i want to be at
Honestly, don't be too stuck on being the best and winning competitions/getting podium. Your goal should be "I want to be sub 15" or something like that instead of "I want to win competitions and podium."

anyway onto the advice. At beginning levels, improving TPS isnt all that important. What you really wanna care about is your effeciency(up until around 20-25 seconds), then tps and lookahead(at around 20-16 seconds)


Apr 4, 2019
yeah one thing i wonder is though is if the type of cube i use is actually setting me back. Currently i main a mofang jiaoshi mf3s. Its definitely not the best cube. i do have a gan 356 air sm, but i barely use it (cuz i always get grounded...) i wonder if i use my sm more if i will actually get better solves.

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