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To anyone who has switched methods, what is your story?

What method did you switch to?

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Premium Member
Nov 15, 2019
I started with Petrus as beginner method finishing f2l on the left.
2x2x2, 2x2x3, eo, f2l -1, f2l, cp, Co, epll
After some time I changed my last layer steps and learned full pll
2x2x2, 2x2x3, eo, f2l -1, f2l,Co, pll
Then I moved edge orientation to ll phase
2x2x2, 2x2x3, f2l -1, f2l, 2step oll, pll
Then I ditched block building
2x2x2, finish cross on the left, then cfop
Then I moved my cross the bottom
Then I started doing cross before first block completing full transition from Petrus to cfop.


Aug 30, 2020
Your solutions in the 3x3 example thread are really good. I try them out and learn new ideas from the solution.
Also your pace for writing solutions is fast.

Thanks man.

i have a lot of respect for what you do. never tried bld and not sure i could do it. ill have to try it some time.

i tried bld 2x2 once and it hurt my head. i can't even imagine adding edges onto that