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SpeedSolving July Championships

If you want unofficial events, which event(s) do you want to be added?

  • Kilominx

    Votes: 18 34.6%
  • Mirror Blocks

    Votes: 24 46.2%
  • 2x2 OH

    Votes: 19 36.5%
  • 2BLD

    Votes: 21 40.4%
  • 3x3 With Feet

    Votes: 9 17.3%
  • 4x4 OH

    Votes: 14 26.9%
  • Other (Please specify in this thread)

    Votes: 5 9.6%
  • 2x2 FMC

    Votes: 5 9.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Mar 21, 2022
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Added a new event, 2x2 FMC. Vote if you want to join!
1. You get 15 minutes to find the shortest solution you can.
2. The most cubes you can use are two 2x2s.
3. PM your solutions to me (I'll post my solves here, only the movecount, and after everyone submitted to me their times I can post my solutions if anyone doubts my movecount)
4. Rest is same as normal FMC. If you do not finish in 15 minutes, your result will be a DNF.
5. No using solvers. You also can't search up algs during this time. (That'll just be cheating)

Note that I can't make sure if you actually completed in 15 minutes or not, so you guys will have to be honest.
I'll do 2x2 fmc. I've never done fmc so, I'll try with 2x2 first