1. Imsoosm

    SpeedSolving July Championships

    Nobody has done this before, so I will host this! The SpeedSolving July Championships unofficial competition will be held here! (I originally named it Summer Championships but as there might be competitiors from the southern hemisphere I changed it to July) The event will be from July 1 to July...
  2. teboecubes

    Non-WCA Rubik's Cube TIER LIST

  3. F

    UPDATE: Selling most of my collection (100+ puzzles)

    Hi everyone, Like the title says, I am selling most of my collection. Please take a look through the attached photos and let me know what you are interested in - I will let you know how much I am looking to sell for. I would have loved to include a list of puzzles and prices but it is just a...
  4. VIBE_ZT

    Master Pyraminx as a WCA Event?

    Master Pyraminx has always been one of my favorite non-WCA puzzles, and for good reason. Here is why I think it would make a great addition to the WCA's current list of events, considering what they are at the moment. >>The hardware is relatively good at the moment, making the event...