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Solving the cube without any decision making

Tim Major

Platinum Member
Aug 26, 2009
Melbourne, Australia
Maybe, the person who showed your friend this lied. Maybe he was scrambling say, R U' x50, then gave it to your friend, who continued it. But R U' does not look very scrambled, so maybe the first person, did something that appears to scramble it, but then you're friend just had to keep doing the same thing. One thing that might have already been mentioned, is any sequence of moves must come back to the first state, as long as you keep repeating them. For example, R L U2 F' will eventually solve. However, don't try this, as it could take a very, very long time to come back to the start. R U R' U' x 6 is an example, of a relatively short one.

Edit: Sorry, I didn't realise this was no longer the topic:p