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Nov 2, 2018
Yes it has
Good to know! :)
Also, you mentioned a few weeks ago that tracking was gonna be on paypal, but i havent quite been able to find tracking on paypal.
Hope you could help me out!
(Also sorry for spamming this post, we could continue on email if you´d like :D)

Puzzle Cuber

Nov 14, 2017
selling the rest of my collection which are the ones that doesn’t say sold for only $1000 which if you consider how much magnetic big cubes/ wca puzzles and rare coated puzzles as well as handmods and 3d printed puzzle. $1k for the whole lot is a BIG DISCOUNT
Apr 16, 2019
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I’m trying to really my collection smaller as I am trying to invest in something bigger than cubing. I am not quiting cubing I just wanna focus on the speedcubing side of cubing more and not the collecting side. My collection has grew over the past 2 years and is getting harder to manage since I can’t play with all of them therefore it’s better for them to have a new home. Since it is a lot of puzzles I won’t be putting price as the list took me long enough. But if anything interests you feel free to pm me with offers and such. I do prefer bulk and prefer to ship within US. I accept PayPal or zelle.

Cubes for sale:

These are ones I’m trying to get rid of:

Valk 5 M- black- $40 SOLD

Moyu skewb-black- $5

Custom magnetic meilong 3x3- stickerless SOLD

Custom magnetic shengshou surora megaminx- black- $15

Custom magnetic meilong 5x5- sticker less- $20

Angstrom valk 3 m- sticker less- $25

Moyu Aosu gts m- black- $20

X man Wingy skewb- sticker less- $7

Moyu weilong Wr m- sticker less- $25 SOLD

Lubicle black coated internals and polymer coated external wushuang m(made by Chris Tran)- sticker less

Old plastic Dayan coated gamma treated wuque mini m(made by Chris Tran)- stickerless

Calvin’s puzzle 2x4x6- black- $15 SOLD

Witeden 3x3x7 I cuboids- black- $20 SOLD

Rubiks 1x2x3 animals (bear, cat, bunny, dog SOLD)- bear and dog is black, cat and bunny is white- $10 each

Yuxin panda SOLD

Yuxin tiger- $7

Yj elephant- blue- $5

Yj cat- $5

Yuxin little magic 4x4 m- sticker less- $5

Cubicle labs little magic m- sticker less SOLD

Custom magnetic tangling- black SOLD

free with orders 70 and up:) Pick one(optional)

Qj floppy 3x3x1 SOLD

Yj yupo m

Slim 2x2

Christmas tree 1x2x3 SOLD

Shengshou pyramorphix SOLD

Moyu weilong square 1

Cubes I will only sell for the right price:

(Basically my entire collection besides my mains that’s not already listed above.) feel free to make offers bc I won’t have a set price.


Gan 249 v1- $10

cyclone boys- $5

49mm old plastic Dayan- black- $50 SOLD

Rubiks/gan- $8

Sand coated little magic- sticker less- SOLD

Mf2c- black- $4

Qiyi qidi- stickerless- $4

Gan 249 v2 m- black- $10

Shengshou mr m- black- $3

Qiyi wuxia m- sticker less- $12

Moyu Weipo- teal- $5

Cubicle labs mf2m- sticker less- $12

Polymer coated chuwen m- black- SOLD

Custom magnetic yuehun- black- $15

Angstrom weipo m- black- $20

Guoguan xinghen m- black- $10

Valk 2 m- sticker less- $16

Yj Mgc- sticker less- $7

Zhanlang m- black- $10


1980s rubiks brand- $20

Rubiks 2.0- $10

Mini yuxin keychain- $3

Cyclone boys mini- $3

Mf3rs- stickerless black- $3

Qiyi big Sail- $3 SOLD

V cube- $5 SOLD

Mf3rs2- black- $4

Cyclone boys- tiled- $4

Magnetic meilong- stickerless SOLD

Yj yulong v2 m- sticker less- $5

Rubiks/ gan- $10 SOLD

Shengshou fangyun- black- $8

Yj guanlong v3- black SOLD

Custom magnetic yan 3- black- $12

Supernova yuxin little magic m- black- $15

Yuxin kylin v2 m- tiled- $7

Custom magnetic thunderclap v1- black- $15

Boron treated yj mgc- $20

Gan sm- $25

Short ester blend coated gan sm

Angstrom old plastic Dayan coated gts2m- stickerless

Gan 354 m- sticker less- $25 SOLD

Valk 3 power m- sticker less- $15

Old plastic Dayan coated gamma treated gts2m- black

Forgot the name but a rougher coating Valk power m- black

Mf3rs2m- (super plush and smooth)- sticker less- $17

Quicc coated mf3rs2m- stickerless black

Dayan tengyun m- sticker less- $15

Gan 356 X- numerical ipg- sticker less-$45 SOLD

Maglev cubedepot rocket gts2m- sticker less- $40

Mass produced Valk m- sticker less- $20

Quicc coated Valk m- stickerless

Yj mgc v2- sticker less- $10

Gts3 LM- $20

Angstrom polymer coated gts2m- stickerless

Gas coated Valk 3 m- stickerless

Cubicle labs mf3rs3m- sticker less- $20

Guoguan yuexiao edm- black- $17

Guoguan yuexiao pro m- sticker less- $17

Wr m- sticker less- $25

Mystic wr m- stickerless- $35

Prolly a couple more 3x3s bc I’m deciding which is my main


Yj Yusu m- sticker less- $5

Gan 460 m- sticker less- $30 SOLD

Cubedepot rocket yuxin blue m- sticker less- $35

Cubicle pro shop aosu gts2m- sticker less- $35

Magnetic meilong 4- sticker less- $15

Yuxin little magic 4x4 m- $5


Yj yuchaung- stickerless- $7

Yuxin little magic m- sticker less- $7

Moyu Aochuang gts m- sticker less- $30


Yuxin little magic m- sticker less- $25

Moyu aoshi gts m- sticker less- $30


Hays 7 m- sticker less- $30

Moyu aofu gts m- sticker less


Moyu magnetic skewb- black- $5

Qiyi skewb- sticker less- $6

Cyclone boys skewb- sticker less- $6

Moyu aoyan skewb- sticker less- $12


Moyu magnetic- black- $6

Budget qiyi- sticker less- $4

Yuxin huanglong m- sticker-less- $15

Square 1-

Supernova mofang jioshi m- sticker less- $15

Volt m- sticker less- $40

Qiyi qidi s- sticker less- $4 SOLD


Yj mgc- sticker less SOLD


Witeden 3x3x6- black- $15 SOLD

Cube4u 3x3x7- white- $10

Cube4u 3x3x5- white- $10

Witeden 2x2x4- black- $10 SOLD

Calvin puzzle 3x3x5- black- $15

Cube4u 3x3x4- black- $10 SOLD

Ayi 5x5x4- black SOLD

Ayi 4x4x3- white SOLD

Ayi 4x4x5- black SOLD

Calvin 3x3x4 I cuboids- sticker less- $10 SOLD

1x3x3 ghost floppy- gold- $5

Handmade cuboids-

4x4x6- black

7x7x5- black

5x5x7- black

4x4x2- black

6x6x4- black

5x5x4 I cuboids- black

5x5x3- black SOLD

5x5x2- black

3x4x5 I cuboids- black

3d printed puzzles-

1x3x5 floppy

4x4x1 floppy

5x5x1 floppy

Mirror 2x2x1

Axis 2x2

Floppy megaminx

Seed puzzle

Mini corner octahedron


2x2 cross cube

2x2 x cube

More handmods-

Penrose megaminx- white

Barrel 5x5- black SOLD

Square 1 barrel- black

Floppy fisher- black

Truncated 3x3- black

6x6 barrel- black

Handmade truncated mastermorphix- black

Square zero- black

4x4 mirror- gold

3x3x2 mirror- gold

3x3x5 mirror- silver

Slim fisher- silver

Extended fisher- silver


Redi barrel- $5

Qiyi twist skewb- black- $10

rediminx- $6

Fisher skewb- $4 SOLD

Redi cube SOLD

Yj petal cube- $6

Qiyi clover cube- black- $15

Qiyi pentacle cube- sticker less- $15

Qiyi ivy cube- black- $4

Qiyi ancient coin cube- sticker less- $15

Yj windmill cube- black- $4

Yj fisher cube- black- $4

Qiyi master pyraminx- sticker less- $10

Shengshou Kilominx- black- $6

X cube- black- $20

Calvin 3x3 cross cube- black- $25

Mirror windmill- gold- $5

Mirror fisher- gold- $5

Qiyi mirror cube- blue- $6 SOLD

Shengshou 2x2 mirror- gold- $4 SOLD

Triple fused 2x2

Qiyi mastermorphix- $4

Qiyi pyramorphix- $4

Bandaged Mefferts pyra SOLD

3x3 fused cube-

Dayan corner turning octahedron- $15 SOLD

Shengshou Dino cube- $4

Mefferts pyraminx duo- $20

Bunch of random picture cubes- $5 each

Disney princess 3x3

Dice 3x3

Mini dice 2x2

Yuxin treasure cube SOLD

LEGO cube

Aquarium 3x3

Pandora cube

Christmas 3x3

Rubiks touch for blind SOLD

Carbon fiber 3x3

Yj love cube

Carbon fiber 2x2
Are you trading anything? i really want a magnetic 3x3. i have Yuexiao pro.
Apr 21, 2020
selling the rest of my collection which are the ones that doesn’t say sold for only $1000 which if you consider how much magnetic big cubes/ wca puzzles and rare coated puzzles as well as handmods and 3d printed puzzle. $1k for the whole lot is a BIG DISCOUNT
are you still selling individual cubes or the whole collection?


Nov 2, 2018
Don't worry. I bought $70 worth of cubes from them before. They're trustworthy.
I have also bought many cubes from her before, they always took 1-2 months to arrive (I live in Denmark).
But this time, it has been around 2,5 months since i bought the cubes, and they still haven't arrived.
I know that they could've been stolen during recent lootings and riots, but i'd still like to get the tracking number for my package.
I have emailed her twice, i have messaged her on this forum twice, and i've written on this post twice, but still no answer.
The package cost 250 dollars, so i'd say it's quite a big purchase.
This isn't an "offer" message, they have already been purchased.

Edit: By the way, i will delete these comments once i recieve a reply, because i don't want to ruin your reputation, i only want an answer.
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