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Rubik's Cube World Championship 2017 - Paris, France (13-16 July 2017)


Feb 14, 2016
Biggest events of worlds (in my opinion):

1. Greatest margin of victory in any event: 13% by Juan Pablo Huanqui in Megaminx. Absent Yu Da-Hyun, this event is like a joke for him.
2. Kevin Hays somehow manages to maintain his 6x6 title against a Feliks that has been on fire for big cubes, despite Kevin getting a double parity on his final & deciding solve
3. Kian Mansour proves that Roux can beat anything, by beating all of the other 911 cubers in the first round with a 6.86 average, the 2nd fastest average of the competition after Max's 6.85
4. Feliks registers a 38.52 5x5 solve, most likely the fastest solve in history in any conditions (at home or in competition), the magnitude of which will really not sink in to the community for some time. This record could stand for many years. This was undoubtedly the greatest single solve of the competition.

Biggest shockers:
1. Lucas Etter fails to make the final for 2x2 after winning the first two rounds
2. Seung loses the 3x3 championship title by timer failure
3. Feliks strikes out in 3x3
4. Juliette Sebastien (one handed master) strikes out big time and fails to make finals after finishing 9th in the 1st round
5. Kian Mansour, after winning the 1st 3x3 round with 6.86, caves in the 2nd round of 3x3 and doesn't advance


Apr 2, 2015
Wow, 5x5 was amazing. Top 4 singles and averages are from Worlds and the podium was also all sub-50.


Dec 28, 2014
United States
Looks like this is the first time since 2003 that someone from the US (or the Western Hemisphere, for that matter) won worlds.

It was crazy fun following this competiton, and the records and even the times that were set are amazing.