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Race to sub x on a 4x4


Dec 29, 2018
Round 94
To sub-40
Ao12: 41.76
1. 38.19
2. 39.28
3. 49.35
4. 41.89
5. 34.65
6. 48.14
7. 39.87
8. 41.27
9. 41.52
10. 41.23
11. 36.88
12. 49.32

Nuuk cuber

May 15, 2018
the voice in your head
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Round 94
To sub - 1:20
Ao12: 1:24.28

1. 1:33.14
2. 1:26.29
3. 1:27.80
4. (1:12.63)
5. 1:24.34
6. (DNF) (messed up centers, fixed it, then I found out it was messed up even more)
7. 1:31.09
8. 1:18.76
9. 1:21.56
10. 1:18.61
11. 1:25.00
12. 1:16.26


Feb 18, 2018
Round 94 Results:
@One Wheel - Sub 1:15 - Ao12: 1:21.50 (0/3)
@Coinman_ - Sub 40 - Ao12: 39.55 (1/3)
@Legomanz - Sub 40 - Ao12: 41.76 (0/3)
@Nuuk cuber - Sub 1:20 - Ao12: 1:24.28 (0/3)

1. Rw L R' D2 Uw2 F2 D' Fw' B D U2 Uw' Rw2 L2 U' D Rw' D2 B2 U2 L' Uw2 Rw2 F2 Rw2 B2 R2 D U B2 Uw2 B' U' Rw2 Uw Rw U Fw2 R Rw'
2. L2 U' Rw2 R U2 F R Uw' D L' Rw2 R F Uw L' F' Uw B' L B' L2 Fw D2 U2 F2 L2 D2 B2 Uw L Rw2 B' Fw L R' D Uw' U2 F2 L'
3. Uw2 Rw F R B' R' Fw' L' R' Uw F B' U L' D R2 Fw B R' F' L Rw2 U F' Fw Uw2 R D' L2 Fw' L' D' B2 Fw2 L R' Rw D' B' Uw'
4. B Fw2 U2 Uw2 R2 F' L2 R U B' F2 L U Rw' D U Rw2 Fw' U2 D2 L2 R' F D Uw2 U' Rw' R2 L B Rw2 D2 L2 Uw2 Rw' L2 R2 F' Uw' B2
5. R2 Rw2 Uw' U2 B' Rw2 R' L' D' U' Uw L2 U' F' Fw' U' D' F2 B D Fw' D2 Rw2 R D' F R F' U' Uw' L Uw' F' Rw2 F' L Uw' R Uw Fw2
6. D2 F Rw2 U' Uw2 D2 B2 D' Fw' Uw F' Uw' U2 Fw R2 L D' L' B' F2 D' Rw2 D L' Uw' F' L' R Fw' B' R B' Rw F2 Fw' L' D2 Uw' F' L'
7. L' R2 Uw Fw' B' R' L Fw U2 Uw2 L2 B F2 R Uw' B Uw' L2 Fw2 Rw R' Fw2 B2 Rw2 B2 Fw' F R' L' D' Fw2 Uw2 B2 U Uw2 R Rw2 L2 D' L'
8. Rw R' F D' B2 Fw' Uw' U' Rw' U Uw2 Rw' L B2 U' F2 B' Rw2 Uw' U' B' Rw F' D' Fw' U' L' F' R' U L Rw2 B' R Fw' U L2 D2 Fw F2
9. Uw' Rw Fw2 L Fw2 Uw2 B Fw Uw2 U' L D U F' U B Rw' R2 Uw2 B Fw2 Uw' D' L B2 U Fw F2 D Rw2 Uw L2 Fw U2 Uw' Rw2 R2 D' Rw D
10. U' Uw' B L Uw Fw' D2 Fw' Uw2 Fw F2 D' B U R B L Fw B R U L' Uw' B U' Rw2 F2 B2 R' Fw' D' Uw' Rw Uw' B Rw' R2 U D' F'
11. R2 B2 D' Rw' D Fw2 F' R' Rw2 L' U2 F2 Fw2 Rw2 F R' B2 Uw' F2 D R2 U2 Uw R Uw' U D2 Rw' R' F B' Rw Uw2 Rw Uw2 D2 F L' R2 D
12. B D R2 Rw' D2 F B' Fw2 D' B' Fw' U F' U F2 Fw2 Uw R2 F2 L' Rw' R' F' D L2 Fw2 L' Uw R F2 U Fw2 R2 Rw' D' U' R U2 Rw' D'

Round 95 will end on Janurary 19th, 2020. Best of luck to any and all competing this week.

One Wheel

Feb 24, 2016
Round 95
To sub-1:15
Ao12: 1:17.98 (0/3)

1. 1:20.57
2. 1:12.11
3. 1:08.40
4. 1:16.38
5. (1:07.69)
6. 1:25.94
7. 1:25.55
8. 1:10.93
9. 1:19.11
10. 1:23.39
11. 1:17.44
12. (1:30.02)


Oct 27, 2019
An uncolonized sector of Mars
Goal: Sub 2:15
Cube: Qiyi Thunderclap Mini
Method: Centers(Dual CN)->Cross(White)->3-2-3->3x3
Comment: Nice times! Was originally gonna do sub 1:20, but I changed my mind after a couple solves. Counting sub-2 would've been nice, but there's always next week.

Ao12: 2:11.81 (1/3)

Time List:

1. 2:16.21 - Easy centers, double parity
2. (DNF) - Messed up OLL Parity :(
3. 2:14.25 - Super easy centers, double parity
4. 2:13.81 - Locked up on PLL parity, super smooth Z-Perm saved the sub 2:15
5. 2:19.03 - No parity, solve felt good. Expected faster
6. 2:04.62 - Nice! Smooth 3x3 stage, no OLL parity
7. 2:03.25 - Awesome! Easy centers, no parity
8. (1:49.13) - Super easy centers, smooth 3x3, no parity. Super happy!
9. 2:20.66 - Bad solve
10. 2:16.89 - no PLL parity, major lockups on U-Perm messed up sub 2:15
11. 2:09.18 - Ugh, would've been sub-2 if not a bad 3x3 stage. Double parity also :/
12. 2:05.22 - Easy centers, got a pop, OLL skip saved the solve lol. No OLL parity
Last edited:


Jul 25, 2019
Round 95

Goal: Sub-1:15

Ao12: 1:20.21

1. 1:22.03 - PLL Parity
2. 1:19.38 - PLL Parity
3. 1:15.88 - Double Parity
4. 1:21.09 - OLL Parity
5. 1:24.77 - Double Parity
6. (1:13.47) - OLL Parity
7. 1:26.34 - OLL ParIty
8. 1:23.26 - PLL Parity
9. 1:15.28 - PLL Parity
10. 1:14.52 - OLL Parity
11. 1:19.52 - Double Parity
12. (1:26.58) - Double Parity

4 OLL Parity
4 PLL Parity
4 Double Parity

Comments: Thank you Parity, thank you...



Feb 18, 2018
Round 95 Results:
@One Wheel - Sub 1:15 - Ao12: 1:17.98 (0/3)
@ProStar - Sub 2:15 - Ao12: 2:11.81 (1/3)
@icarneiro - Sub 1:15 - Ao12: 1:20.21 (0/3)

1. B U2 D2 F D2 Rw2 U2 F' Rw' U R2 U Rw' F' L2 U L' Fw Uw R' D' U' B U L U2 R D R D' U L' Uw' U2 D2 L2 Uw2 B' L Fw2
2. Rw R2 B Uw F R2 L2 B' Fw2 Uw U2 L2 Rw2 F' Fw' L2 Fw Uw' L D' L Fw2 Uw Fw' D2 R2 F2 L2 B2 F R' Rw' B' Rw B Rw2 F' Uw' B2 L2
3. Fw D2 L2 Fw2 B R' L2 Fw2 D' F' B2 Rw Uw2 Fw Uw2 Rw D L' F L2 Uw B2 Fw L U B2 Uw2 R' Rw L F' Uw D U2 F' U' Rw' Uw2 U' D
4. Rw' F' U2 L R' D U' Fw' L' U D2 Fw2 Uw D' R F Uw2 D Fw' D2 Rw Fw R2 L Rw Fw2 U2 D' Uw' F' Uw2 Fw2 R D Rw2 Fw' B' Uw2 L2 D'
5. U2 R2 D' F2 D2 U' F Fw B' L' Rw2 R' Uw B Fw Rw' R2 B' R' Uw D' Rw2 L' Uw' R Rw B' Fw2 D' Uw2 F' Rw2 F U' L R Uw2 B' D' Uw2
6. Rw R' F Rw2 L' Uw Rw2 F L U2 D' R Rw Uw F' R2 B2 F' L D2 Rw D L D' R2 Rw2 B' U2 Rw2 R Fw' L' Fw2 L D' Fw D' L F B'
7. D2 B U D2 F' Rw2 F L2 D' Uw2 B' Rw2 R' B2 L U L U' Uw2 B2 Uw2 L' Uw' B2 Fw2 U2 D F' R2 Fw Uw D Rw' U L' F2 L U2 Uw Rw
8. D' Rw' D' Fw D2 Rw2 Uw' L2 Uw' D' B L' Fw2 R2 D F2 D' L2 D2 Rw2 F2 L' R2 Rw D2 F' R B' D2 B' R2 Rw F L Uw' F B' Rw' B Fw
9. D2 F Uw2 R F Uw F2 U2 Fw2 Uw R F D Rw' U' Fw Rw L F' U2 Uw' Rw R Fw' Uw Rw2 D U R2 Uw Fw' B' R2 B' Uw U' L Uw2 F Fw2
10. L B Uw Fw2 U' Rw' R2 F2 R' D U2 Fw' L' F2 U' Rw D U B L R' Fw2 Uw' B' D' Rw D2 B' Rw2 R2 B U R2 D Rw2 B U D L2 R2
11. F U' D' L2 D2 Rw' F R' U' Rw U2 F L Fw L2 D2 Uw' B' Rw' B' F' U R' U2 Uw Fw F2 U2 B D2 B2 L2 U2 Rw R Uw' Rw' U B' U2
12. Rw2 U' Uw Rw Uw2 R2 D2 Rw2 R U' Fw L' Fw2 U2 B L Uw B' Rw' L2 B2 D Rw' Fw D2 L' Rw Fw2 D2 Fw2 U B' Uw2 U2 D L F D2 Fw R'

Round 96 will end on Janurary 26th, 2020. Best of luck to any and all competing this week.


Jul 25, 2019
Round 96

Goal: Sub-1:15

Ao12: 1:08.44 (Ao12 PB)

1. 1:02.83 - no Parity
2. 1:19.44 - OLL Parity
3. 1:01.08 - no Parity
4. 1:15.28 - Double Parity
5. 1:10.69 - Double Parity
6. 1:04.50 - OLL Parity
7. 1:01.56 - no ParIty
8. 1:07.02 - Double Parity
9. 1:17.10 - OLL Parity
10. 1:04.87 - no Parity
11. (1:20.21) - PLL Parity
12. (58.00) - no Parity (my second sub-1min single) :)

5 no Parity
3 OLL Parity
1 PLL Parity
3 Double Parity

Comments: I have improved a lot in the last 5 days, I am very focused and practicing a lot.