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[Help Thread] How to Get Faster Using the Petrus Method


Aug 24, 2019
Nice! Is your main method Petrus? As you can tell I use Petrus, although I don’t have a smartcube :/
Yes. It's the only one I'm decent at because I learned a long time ago and then didn't bother to learn CFOP. I've recently learned basic Roux so I'll probably add it to the app. I've been following your "quest" btw, sort of lurking that thread where you are trying to improve on your Petrus. Good luck!

Tao Yu

Jun 29, 2011
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I have a Giiker (i3s) cube and wanted to time petrus splits but could not find any app or webapp that has Petrus (it's mostly CFOP or Roux). So I started looking to build one myself. If you are interested in such a thing, then read on...

I found a Giiker timer app here: https://github.com/rafalcieslak/bluetoothcube
It works on android or linux. Note that this person made most of the app and I just forked his code. I just tacked on the petrus stages but I thought I should post it here in case someone has some use for it.
View attachment 11279
As you can see, it will give you "conventional" Petrus splits, including the Edge-Orientation phase. It is fully color-neutral aware.
Check it out: https://github.com/paulourriza/bluetoothcube (there's a pre-built image for Android in the bin/ directory)

EDIT: The note below no longer applies. It's fixed. Just grant the app location access when it asks (this is required to scan bluetooth LE devices, like the Giiker)
NOTE: I'm not much of an android programmer, so when it scans for your cube it will not find it at first. Be sure to grant the app Location access (app settings in android). I'll try to fix that soon.

I know for a fact that @Tao Yu, has a Giiker cube (saw on his videos). Perhaps he can give us some world-class Petrus splits (the sub 30 above is around what I can personally do)

Anyway, if you find any bugs. You can send me a message and I'll try to fix it. If you know some Python, you can also help make the app better.
This is awesome, nice work.

I appreciate the interest in my splits, but I don't think I'll release them, quite simply because I don't think aiming for my splits is something that should be done. My solves are far from perfect and there will be a lot of silly things reflected in my splits. When I last did a reconstruction of my solves I found quite a few issues, such as inefficient blocks, poor decision making, a lot of unnecessary AUFs, and slow ZBLL recognition. Unfortunately I'm nowhere near to fixing any of these issues.

I reckon smart cube split timing is probably most useful for tracking your own splits, and determining if actions you have taken have really improved a certain step for you. Personally, I've never really liked comparing my splits to others or to the "ideal" splits because everyone is different, and I find it's much easier to find weak areas by looking at reconstructions of my solves.


Jun 27, 2019
my house, cubing.
To prove @Tao Yu ’s point, my splits are:
2x2x2 - sub 3.5
2x2x3 expansion - sub 4.5
EO - sub 2/2.5 (case)
F2L - sub 7.25
LL - sub 5
For reference, I am sub 20 with Petrus, and also, this is a quick look at my solves, so don’t expect perfection. Take a look at @2180161 ’s post in this thread about being sub 20 (taking elements from sub 30).
4 second 2x2x2? Slow.
2 second expansion?!?! Jeez, I take so long, compared to this...
EO is 3 seconds, mine is around 2
F2L - err, basic maths says it takes 3 seconds???
Last Layer, they say 3-8 seconds, and this is applied to sub 16 people too. Wow...

So yeah, don’t think you have to follow a specific layout. Just as long as one step isn’t absurdly long. (0.5 second 2x2x2 makes up for 7 second expansion).

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