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CubingUSA Nationals 2019 in Baltimore Maryland on August 1st-4th


Staff member
Mar 13, 2006
Oct 19, 2017

3x3: another sub 8 pls Nope, make semis and maybe finals Nope
2x2: Don't screw up really badly Oops I did this , make finals Oops I plus 2d out of this
4x4: Less than 5/10 parities YESSSSS I did this. but actually I got a 31.8 average which is really good for me
5x5: Sub 1:05 (It was sub 1 but I suck now) rip didn't make r2 because i turned in inspection
6x6: Sub 2 (meh probably not) nope
7x7: Sub 3 (definitely not) nope
3BLD: Sub 25 dnfed a 23 in r1 and dnfed a 22 in finals ffsfssdss
FMC: Podium rip
OH: Get an average that actually represents what I can do jfc jfc
Feet: sub 45 ig this kinda depends on the floor nope, floor was good but whatever
clock: sub 9 ahhhh pr average but i screwed up an easy solve that if it was best it would've been 8.71
Mega: sub 55 or something idk nope, 49 single though
Pyra: Sub 3 I failed
Skewb: Sub 3 lol I'll come back to this
Squan: Sub 10 lol I failed v2
4bld: sub 3 nope
5bld: sub 8 nope but dnfed a 6:44 by I think 2 moves
mbld: attempt 25 cubes and get under the hour hey i did this but completely failed. got 14/21 second attempt with 27 exec per cube though...

Ok let's talk about skewb:

Round 1: 3.44, 2.31, (DNF), 2.82, (1.93) = 2.87, DNF was 1.97 off by 2 moves (2.38 average w/o DNF), slightly worse than average scrambles
Round 2: I was in a different group than most people and didn't get the easy scrambles when most other people did. Mine were hard: (6.44), 2.77, 5.36, 2.47, (2.33) = 3.46... First solve I one looked incorrectly and it probably would've been about 2.1, which gives 2.51 average.
Finals: (2.28), 2.93, 2.61, 3.64, (3.79) = 3.06. Well this is very bittersweet. My turning was worse than the other rounds but not bad for nationals finals, but i had quite a few lockups. 3.64 had a corner twist and 3.79 was me not onelooking and then getting one of my worst cases. I lost to Leo by .01, but I am national champion. Next year!