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  • I believe his main speedcubes are his zhanchi and guhong, He uses his guhong for OH solves and Zhanchi for his regular solves.
    congrats of your son faz's dad he is amazing.... he lost 3x3 but he brokes a lot of records , congratulations for each one!! =)
    Thanks for that. My son has no idea what he wants to do and Im fine with that. In terms of being a genius - I think the mum has more influence :)
    So wait, if you're Faz's dad that means you're a genius, right?

    I'm thinking that it takes extraordinary multi-tasking and short-term memory to be as fast as Faz. Check out this research being done on "Supertaskers", "a rare group of people who perform as well or better when multitasking" here: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2010/04/100402-supertaskers-driving-talking-math-cell-phones/ or in more detail here. The people that first studied "Supertaskers" are now "planning to study fighter pilots' brains, based on the idea that supertaskers might self-select into jobs that require extraordinary multitasking ability. His team is also considering studying chefs, orchestra conductors, and even TV producers."

    Basically, I'm thinking your son should start thinking about being a fighter pilot or something else badass like an ER doctor, they definitely need to be Supertaskers
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