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Birmingham Open 2016 (UK) - 17-18 December


May 24, 2014
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A few of you have express interest in seeing the photos I took today and yesterday.

I've uploaded all of them here.

They aren't the best though.
Honestly these are some incredible photos Nevins. I'm really grateful that you've taken these because you've managed to encompass all of the competition by taking photos of everything, and so many people are included that you've given a few people some good memories.

Major props, can't wait to see the video you put together.


Premium Member
Jan 4, 2011
Devon, UK
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A great comp and a huge thanks to the organisers and delegates, the comp was a credit to you. Congratulations to those who attained records whether WRs, CRs, NRs or PBs. I had a fantastic weekend and cannot wait till the next I can attend in 2017.

@NevinsCPH - A great range of photos there sir, thanks for taking the time to share them.


Jun 21, 2015

  • DYKs are NOT dead? I can't let it happen :(
  • My account is clearly still super secret?
  • Got an 8 move Skewb PB and the time was decent considering I suck at Skewb?
  • Being a nub at cubeshape means I can't WR?
  • Got a really stupid Pyra PB too? 1 or 2 moves into sune, executed about as slow as possible
  • Dropped out of 5BLD yet again?
  • I should relearn 5BLD?
  • Hard floor kills my feet times?
  • I can probably get a lot faster in Mega if I get an X-Man and get used to the color scheme?
  • Got the WR clock scrambles but I suck? :/
  • Smashed my 7x7 PBs after dropping out of the event about 5 times in a row?
  • PB2 avg in Clock final which is nice since my PB is pretty silly?
  • It was also the only final I made? What am I doing
  • I missed OH final by one spot because I'm slow now?
  • I tried finding a 6x6 to borrow but stuck with my ShengShou?
  • WON LUNCH?! Thanks Fabio
  • I borrowed a WuQue and got my worst 4x4 avg since Cuthberts 2015?
  • Missed 3x3 final by 0.01?
  • I now have 0 PBs from before 2016?

Okay and now some stuff which isn't about my official results:

  • I'm still slow at sq1sim?
  • My first Master Pyraminx solve was 19 minutes with a hint at the end?
  • Escape rooms are fun but not as much fun when you get stuck and it's not your fault?
  • I think there was a section on UKCA for travelling by plane although no one did? (maybe 1 person, not sure)
  • Only 1 UKNR at the comp? :/
  • But feet AfRs? Jesse says he won't practice any more though :(
  • I'm slowly forgetting everything that happened at the comp and running out of DYKs?
  • You can see James failing to get a PB streak but not actually here?


Dec 12, 2014

  • Got a cheeky 1.90 on skewb which isn't even good
  • slaughtered all chance of NR with a counting 4.8
  • Sub 10 on square-1 despite my 2nd fastest official solve being 12.xx
  • I'm still terrible at pyra
  • 1:09.xx in mega but a counting 1:3x.xx killed my average
  • Oops, DNF'ed clock final
  • Apparently i eat too much
  • Podiumed in OH which is unexpected
  • WON LUNCH?! Thanks Charlie
  • 4.1 on a 6 move 2x2 scramble
  • Got 4th in 6x6 and 7x7 :/
  • Harry snores very loudly :p
  • Sub 40 master pyraminx team solve avec Harry
  • counting 12.8 ruined a decent 3x3 average
  • 3x3 finals average was horrendous
  • Eating a cake is weird apparently
  • Did alright i guess

    keep DYK alive