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3x3 World record for 2022 and who are the record holders


Aug 10, 2021
Indeed, the names listed above are all close contenders. Here are loess curves fitted to raw 3x3 times in the WCA database:

View attachment 17283

And here are regression lines fitted to the same data:

View attachment 17284
Blows my mind Zemdegs has been cubing since I was born. The most likely record holder seems to be Leo, but I think that's a flaw because of the huge leap from 50ish to sub 15. My vote is on Tymon.
Oct 12, 2020
In the park feeding ducks
Currently the most likely would be Tymon and/or Marty but once Max starts going to comps I'd be surprised if he didn't get the WR within his first three competitions. I know that Tymon, Matty and Leo have gotten a lot of attention because of Monkey League and since cubing is mostly made up of young kids people not as much in the spotlight tend to not get the reputation/recognition they deserve but Max holds every SINGLE freaking WB and despite not going to comps in a while is still no.3 in moving average. On top of that he gets sub-5 averages almost regularly and probably has more sub-4's then anyone else. When asked who he thought was the biggest contender for the future WWR average Feliks Zemdegs confidently said Max Park, and I 100% stand with that.