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256x256 Rubik's cube solve - World record attempt


Dec 18, 2007
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I dunno what commentary I would add, the steps are the same as in other solves but just waaay longer, so most of it was just "well this is boring but I'll do an hour or two here and there". I guess the last 3 centers are the most fun since it's very easy to see the progress.

If you want to watch the method in more detail, you can check out some other recent solves which are sped up less. You're not going to be able to see the individual moves though unless the video is extremely long, and then it'd take a huge amount of time to render.

We kept a spreadsheet of all the sessions, here's the approximate amount of work from each person:
- qqwref: 30:47:43 (32.2% of the time), 201850 moves, 1.82 TPS
- soup: 27:40:41 (28.9% of the time), 212560 moves, 2.13 TPS
- dawid: 13:02:11 (13.6% of the time), 80760 moves, 1.72 TPS
- isaak: 11:45:06 (12.3% of the time), 72432 moves, 1.71 TPS
- ben: 7:07:49 (7.4% of the time), 38598 moves, 1.50 TPS
- eff: 5:23:03 (5.6% of the time), 27294 moves, 1.41 TPS
Note that Ben did the whole edges/3x3x3 stage, which took about two hours and always has much lower TPS. His TPS for his other segments was 1.83.