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2018 New Year's Resolutions / Goals

Sep 28, 2017
Goals this year are really to learn bigBLD and practise as many events to make as many qualifications as I can, before Euros would be nice. =) Goals for then really:
3x3: Comfortably sub 15
4x4: Sub 1:00
5x5: Sub 2:00
6x6/7x7: Sub 4:00 and sub 6:00 respectively, maybe..
BLD: Sub 3 with an improved success rate, also want to get more into MBLD to beat 2/2
OH: Sub 30
Clock: Sub 15
Mega: Sub 2:00 by UKC
Pyra/Skewb: Sub 6
Sq-1: Low/sub 20
Would really like to aim for bronze member this year too, we'll see.
Met most of these goals officially - a sure sign of setting the bar too low. =P Will remember that for next year.
Sadly didn't make it to Euros (though I did meet all the qualifications I cared about), but at least made it to UKC.

3x3-7x7: Pretty much bang on, comfortably under each of these targets.
BLD: Sub-2:00 on 3BLD, can comfortably sub-hour 10 MBLD cubes. Learnt bigBLD and have successes in 4/5BLD.
OH: Met this in January and have barely improved since then.
Clock: Hugely surpassed all my expectations here; getting a good clock in August made a huge difference! Mid-7 current global and top 10 UKNR for single and average.
Mega: Just about pulled this off before UKC.
Pyra/Skewb: Skewb definitely yes. Pyra nearly.
SQ-1: Low 20s global.
Bronze member: Came within 5 moves with a really stupid 5BLD DNF. Will hopefully meet this by January in the new year! =)
Sep 9, 2017
Current Average/single Goal Single Goal Average Other Goal *= I care

*2x2- 5.5/1.253, Sub 1, Sub 3.5, One look 75%+
*3x3- 23/13.xx, Sub 10, Sub 15, Full PLL
*4x4- Don't Do, Sub 45, Sub 1:15, N/A
*5x5- 5-6 min, Sub 2, Sub 2:30, Most Edge parity's
6x6- Mabye learn it
7x7- Mabye learn it
Skewb- 16/9.xx Sub 6, Sub 10, Sarahs Intermediate
Pyra- 10/3.xx (I think), PB, Sub 7, N/A
*Sqaure 1- Don't do, Sub 15, Sub 20, State Record :)
Megaminx- Mabye learn....
*3BLD- DNF, Success, Get one, Success over 50%
2x2 - Yes, Yes, No
3x3- No, Yes, No
4x4, Yes, Yes
5x5- No, No, No
6x6 - N/a
7x7 - N/z
Skewb - Yes, Yes, No
SQ1 - No, No, No (but I did just get a sqaun like a month ago)
Mega- Learned and got a good official average for me :)
3BLD - No, No But I did get an official 5:01.xx Single and DNF'ed an official 4:0x.xx by flipped edges.
Jul 7, 2016
Colorado Springs
Alright, here are mine, most are just to qualify for nats.

3x3 (Qualified) Get sub 17 by nats, sub 14 by end of the year. Current: sub 20?
EOY goal not complete, sub 15.
2x2: (Qualified) Get sub 4 by nats, 3.5 by end of the year Current: Sub 6-5.5
Nope, still sub 5 haha
4x4: Get sub 1:10 by nats, sub 55? by end of year Current: Sub 1:20
Yes for nats, no for EOY, am not sub 55
5x5: Get sub 1:50 by nats, same goal by end of year. Current: Sub 4-3:50
Not even close
6x6: Get sub 3:30 by nats, same goal by end of the year. Current: Sub 9 mins.
Wtf no
7x7: Get a 7x7 and average sub 4:45 by end of year.
Didn’t even get one
Blind: Success by April and get sub 4 by nats, sub 3 by end of the year. Current: 22 min DNF
Hell no I still have no success
OH: Sub 35 by nats, sub 30-27 by end of year. Current: Sub 45
YES! Finally a goal I met. I’m sub 30 in OH.
FMC: I dont really care about FMC, but I would like to get a sub 45 mean.
Feet: I want to try feet, and if I get into it, sub 1:15 by nats.
Tried it and didn’t get into it in time.
Clock: Sub 15 by nats, sub 12 by end of year. Current: Sub 24
Still above 15 but I’m third in the state so that’s cool.
Mega: Sub 1:45 by nats, sub 1:30 by end of year. Current: Sub 3:20
Nope sub 3 but not even close to sub 2.
Pyra: (Qualified) Sub 9 by nats, sub 7 by end of the year. Current: sub 12.
I’m sub 10 not met.
Skewb: (Qualified, Main event) Sub 6 by nats, sub 4 by end of the year. Current: Sub 9-8
Not sub 4 but I’m sub 6.5-6.
Square-1: Sub 35 by nats, sub 25 by end of the year. Current: around 1 min.
And not met either.

I met most of my nats goals but almost no EOY goals. Lesson: Practice more lol.
Feb 24, 2016
There’s still more than a month left in the year. I’ve still got plenty of time to:
- Learn 30 OLLs
- Cut 4 seconds off my 3x3 average
- Cut 25 seconds off my 4x4 average and 10 seconds off my single
- Cut 20 seconds off my 5x5 average and 10 seconds off my single
- Cut 1 minute off my 6x6 Times and do another 1,000 solves
- Cut 40 seconds off my 7x7 average, 1:20 off my single, and do another 300 solves
- Re-learn Megaminx 2-look OLL except 4-corner cases
- Practice 3BLD and learn big blind
- Cut 10 seconds off my feet times
- Re-learn how to solve Square-1
- Re-forget how to solve Pyraminx
- Cut 5-6 minutes off my Gigaminx times

Stop making me feel like a slacker!
Feb 13, 2017
I think these goals were pretty nice, not to hard nor too easy:

Whoa, my first cubing year is already about to end. Had lots of great things happening, hope the next year will be even better. No idea how realistic goals I'm able to set, this is difficult.

Most of these are comp goals

2x2: I've kinda quit practising. Sub-4 avg, if I'll feel like it. // 4.13 average, I +2ed it out of sub-4. 1.76 overall PB single though.
3x3: Full oll before my next comp. Sub-10 single, some ok average. // 7.38 overall PB single and 11.90 average
4x4: Sub-40 single, at least sub-50 average // 41.79 single, 49.85 average
5x5: No idea, don't practice // 1:25 single, 1:41 average
6x6: Sub-3:30 global at first // I didn't feel like practicing at any point really, and just 3:41 official mean
7x7: Get an official mean, the only thing left for silver membership. After that I could quit 7x7 :p // well, I now need to get faster to get my kinchranks up
3BLD: Get super comfortable with corner 3-style, start learning also edges. Sub-45 single. // learned full 3-style and got 31.83 NR single and 40.95 NR mean
FMC: Learn to do EO starts, learn edges+corners algs and comfortable using other than corner insertions. Sub-30 mean. // 29.67 mean, and yes, I've learned more insertions
OH: Sub-30 average, doesn't matter much // 22.19 avg, started pushing sub-20 instead of just sub-30
Feet: Sub-1 mean (or average? :rolleyes:) // 57.64 overall PB average
Megaminx: Sometimes I find motivation for it, maybe I could find that next year, learn some ll algs and go for sub-1:40 // I did a small grind and got a good bit faster, 1:31 average

Pyraminx: NR avg is possible, let's say that // 3.62 average, NR is 3.28
Square-1: First learn proper cubeshape and more ep algs, then sub-20 average // I suck at certain cubeshape cases, I don't practice enough to keep all ep algs fresh and I suck at turning. I got 21.36 average.

Clock: Sub-7 single, at least sub-9 average (NR2) // 6.88 single, 7.81 average
Skewb: Lol no
4BLD: NR3 (sub-4:42.34) // got NR2 with 3:17
5BLD: Didn't still think to start practising. But a sub-20 single would be nice. // 9:50 single (almost NR)

And it all comes down to...
MBLD: WR10! // Not quite, got WR20. I'll do it next year then.

And the priority list is fun too
>Pyra, 3BLD, 4BLD, FMC, Clock, 4x4
>3x3, 6x6, 7x7, Feet, Megaminx, Square-1
>2x2, 5x5, OH, Skewb, 5BLD

Organize a comp
Claim the silver membership

Attend a big comp (Euros or US Nats, I'm not sure about my summer plans)
Oct 19, 2017
I think I did pretty well!

Here we go:
2x2 - Sub 2.3 average, lucky single 1.90 average, 0.96 single
3x3 - Sub 9 average, Sub 7 single 8.46 average(kinda bad at this point), 6.86 single (also bad)
4x4 - Sub 40 average, Sub 37 single 36.07 average, 28.04 single (lol)
5x5 - Sub 1:20 average, Sub 1:15 single 1:09 average, 1:00 single
6x6 - Sub 2:45 mean, sub 2:30 single 2:06 mean, 2:05 single
7x7 - Sub 4:20 mean, Sub 4:00 single 3:32 mean, 3:31 single (wow can i get any good singles in big cubes)
Square one - Sub 10 average, Sub 7 single 8.96 average 7.3 single oops
Skewb, Sub 3.3 average, Sub 1.7 single 2.86 average (rip bad), 1.39 single
Mega - Sub 1:05 average, Sub 1 single (easy) 1:03 average, 1:02 single (uh easy yeah lol)
Clock - Sub 14 average, Sub 10 single 7.1 single :D 9.8 average
Pyra - Sub 5 average, Sub 4 single 4.4 average, 2.9 single
OH - Sub 15 average, Sub 12 single 14.1 average, 10.9 single, didn't expect to be using roux
Feet - Sub 1:20 average (not mean), Sub 1:10 single LOL 29 single, 46 average (bad)
FMC - Sub 30 mean, possibly beat my 26 28.00 mean (bad), 24 single (only sub 26 lol)
BLD - Sub 1 mean, sub 45 single. 43 single (really bad) 2:20 mean (LOL didn't change)
4BLD - Sub 8 single 8:50 jfc, average 3:30 or so
5BLD - Sub 20 single 18:xx, average a lot faster
MBLD - ≥7 points This is an extremely unambitious goal but somehow I still didn't get it wtf, 7/9

EDIT: Adding stuff

Podium in 17 different events overall (Previous years count) I don't think I'll get pyra. Missing 4bld, not pyra lol
Become top 10 in the world for at least one category 9WR Skewb single :D
Claim Silver Membership (Need 4BLD and 5BLD) Yep lol
Make Nats 2018 finals in at least 3 events We don't talk about this
Have a total of 75+ podiums 89 and still have one more comp
Top 50 in the world kinchranks. (This one is hard, but I want it) 25th lol "hard"
Get sponsored by SCS (this won't be hard) Done, won't be at the end of the year though
Get rid of my 2 nemesi Done, Martin got me near the end again but I beat his feet stuff and skewb single. Have only 2 country nemeses :)
This time I made goals that should actually be hard lol.
Dec 2, 2017
Maine, USA
Beat all my pbs - I think I beat all the ones that matter
2x2: learn full CLL and start learning EG, sub 4 global average - learned full CLL
3x3: sub 18 global average - achieved
4x4: improve yau, sub 1 global average - improved yau but there's always room for improvement
5x5: sub 3 global average - achieved
6x6: acquire one - achieved
7x7: acquire one - achieved
3x3 BLD: start practicing - achieved
3x3 OH: sub 30 global average - nope
3x3 with feet: practice more - nope
clock: acquire one - nope
megaminx: sub 1:30 global average - nope
pyraminx: sub 5 global average - nope
skewb: acquire one - achieved
square-1: acquire one - achieved
kilominx: acquire one - achieved
master kilominx: acquire one - achieved
master pyraminx: acquire one - achieved
Enter a competition - nope
Jun 21, 2015
Shouldn't have done the mid-year review but whatever

3x3: Sub 10 average (if it goes as well as this year should be easy)
No, only went from 10.89 to 10.51. Averaged 12 or worse for most of the year with occasional good rounds. Did get a counting sub 10 though (which is obviously a required step), and an unofficial sub 10 average this month (which isn't a required step, but makes it a much more reasonable goal).

2x2: Sub 3 average (need to learn some EG)
I didn't, and still got a 3.09 average.

7x7: Something good (7x7 is terrible right now, so is my cube so maybe I'll get a better one)
Improved my times early in the year, then my 7x7 broke.

3BLD: Low 1 single
Finally broke 1:30 and now have two 1:14s and a 1:15 single. Home PB is 1:13 so I'm happy with those.

Feet: Sub 40 mean (or more likely average)
No, haven't practiced since March I think (other than a bit at Euros). Took a year to beat my mean and I'm almost out the top 100 yet again.

Clock: Something good (I average something like 12 now despite a sub 10 official avg, want to get back into it some time)
8.93 average is alright, but I know it could be a lot better, if I stop messing up every single solve.

Mega: Maybe sub 1:30 average (I'm pretty bad at Mega at the moment)
1:16 average from a 1:40 last year, but more notably a sub 1 single. By far my biggest improvement this year.

Skewb: Low 5 average (got 3 5s in an average last comp and I can still improve a lot)
Got 5.9 right at the start of the year and barely improved it since.

Square-1: PBs
This was supposed to mean single and average PB, but I did indeed get multiple PBs. :p

Make some Square-1 video tutorials (i.e. advanced stuff)

On other events: 24 FMC single (great), mean was bad though. 4.12 Pyra overall PB average on some crazy scrambles. Everything else I basically improved less than would be expected in a year.
Sep 9, 2014
Hampshire, UK
hssandwich cubes
These are all official goals:
Sub 2 2x2 avg // yes
Sub 1:10 5x5 avg // yes
Sub 2:30 6x6 avg // yes
Sub 4 7x7 avg //yes
Sub 3 pyraminx avg, sub 2 single // yes
Sub 11 sq1 avg //yes
>10 pts MBLD // yes
sub 5 4BLD // yes
sub 12 5BLD // no :( several 2 centre DNFs
Solid performance, made it to WR4 for SoR single as well as European FMC champ, both goals that I didn't mention here
Sep 24, 2014
Mimal the Elf's boot
Ordway Persyn
I'm not being very ambitious this time around. all globals

2x2: sub 4.6 - average about 4.6
3x3: sub 12.5, learn CoLL - nope and nope
4x4: sub 45 - no
5x5: sub 1:25 - no
6x6: sub 2:50 - pretty close but I don't think so
7x7: sub 4:05 - no
OH: sub 30 - ha nope
Feet: sub 3 - no
3BLD: sub 2 - nah
4BLD: Learn - sadly no
5BLD: Learn - definitely not
MBLD: 5 points - no
Mega: sub 1:30 - lol no
Pyra: sub 7.5 - YES
Skewb: sub 7.5 - YES
Sq1: sub 28 - no
Clock: sub 23 - yes
FMC: learn insertions, get somewhat decent. - no :p
Organize a comp. - you guessed it, no
The only ones I got were the silliest events.
Feb 14, 2014
Over there
Some of these are pretty bold... we'll see how it goes.

2x2: sub-4 global average Yes. Didn't realize I wasn't sub-4 lol.
3x3: sub-10 global average, sub-10 official average, sub-8 official single Almost, yes, and yes!
4x4: sub-40 global average, sub-40 official average Nope for both.
5x5: sub-1:20 global average, sub-1:20 official average, sub-1:10 official single Yes, yes, yes!
6x6: sub-3:00 global average Yes!
7x7: sub-4:30 global average Yes, by a long shot!
Pyraminx: sub-3 global average, top 10 in the world for average again, sub-2 official single, podium at Nationals Yes to all of these, except I'm kinda not sub-3 globally. :p
Megaminx: practice a little bit, 1:05 global average perhaps? Yep!
Skewb: sub-5 official average Yep!
Square-1: any official PB Yessir, both of them!
Clock: get a good clock, sub-12 global average, sub-10 official single Yes, yes, yes!
OH: practice enough to get a sub-20 official average Nope...
Feet: sub-40 official average Not yet
3BLD: any official mean, sub-1:30 official single No and yes
4BLD: any official single Yes!
5BLD: any official single No :(
MBLD: get a PB at home, get 4 or more points officially No PB attempts at home haha, but 6/6 official!
FMC: practice a lot, ~28 global average, sub-30 official mean, sub-28 official single, podium at Nationals Yes, no, yes, yes, no

Other cubing goals:
50K+ subscribers on YouTube Ouch, it's close; 49K
Hang out/video chat with cubing friends a lot Yup!
Go to Nationals Yes!
Learn more than 10 algs all year Hard to say actually, haha. I'm probably right around 10.
Get some difficult non-WCA puzzles and derive solutions for them I got a couple, not as many as I'd like though.

Overall goal: Achieve at least 66% of these goals.
My overall goal was to achieve 66% of these goals, and I actually got right around 25 or 26 of 39... if we say 26 it's exactly 2/3 or ~67%, so we'll go with that. :D

Good job, self!
Aug 9, 2017
These were my predictions for 2018 from a different thread. Didn't feel the need to bump it, so I brought it to this thread.
It's a long read, but some predictions were quite interesting.
(Edits with evaluation made in the spoilers)

Well this was fun.
  • 3x3
    • Single gets bumped down to 4.55. Max breaks it first, Feliks ties the record a month later, then Feliks beats it again at his next comp.
    • Average gets down to 5.79 by Feliks at a comp in South Africa.
Nothing notable in this prediction. The only cool thing was that the WR was tied, which I did kind of predict.
  • 2x2
    • 0.50 single by Blake Thompson because lol. Nope WR will still stay at 0.49 until December of 2018 when it will get beaten with a 0.47. Nope, still 0.49
    • Kevin improves his WR average early in the year, but Maciej will end the year with the record. He will get some insanely easy scrambles, and get a 1.2 average
1.2 average is pretty close! Quite happy with the accuracy of that guess.
  • 4x4
    • Records galore by Sebastian one single wr! 18.24 single with a PLL skip and U2 AUF nope
    • Sebastian will unfortunately +2 out of a sub-21.5 average early in the year, but will get the WR at the end of the year with 21.23 not quite. But current WR average is 21.13 so once again, very close!

  • 5x5
    • Feliks will get WR single with a 36.52. Nahm and Max will also get sub-40 singles. Only thing was that Max got a sub-40, but that wasn't a surprise.
    • Feliks - 41.25 average. ‘Nuff said. not even close.
  • 6x6
    • Kevin will be unable to gain his WR back yup, but will be able to get it at the beginning of 2019 we'll see. WR single stays the same at 1:20.03. oops
    • Max takes WR average with 1:24.35, inching Feliks out by 0.2 seconds. absolutely demolished.
  • 7x7
    • First sub-2 will happen this year by Kevin. yes! Time will be 1:58.98 no with an R-perm. A-perm
    • Feliks beats his own record down to 2:08.99 lol when Feliks doesn't even get a 7x7 WR this year.
  • OH
    • Record will stay at 6.88. yup
    • Average will be 9.98 by Max. not quite although it was at 9.99 for a while
  • BLD
    • Oh boy. This will be interesting. Jeff beats the WR first actually yeah!, followed by Daniel Lin nope. Jeff gets it back yes, but he got it back from Max, and then Ishaan lol Ishaan gets it with a misscramble even more lol. There will be confusion as to whether or not to count it, but it will count. The time will be 16.67. current WR is 16.55, so not too bad
    • 19.88 average by Angelo. nope
  • Feet
    • Jimin will remain at the top and will take over single. He will get a 18.85. nopeeee
    • Average gets improved by Jimin himself to a 23.39 nope. DRL too fazt
  • FMC
    • Not much to say year. Both records will stay the same average yeah, single no. Maybe another person more than "another" will get a 19 with an insane 16 to 3C. Nobody will beat the average. true!
  • Pyra
    • Drew beats single with a 1.26 no
    • Drew gets WR average at Nats with a 1.97. (Reaction will be insane) no
  • Skewb
    • Jonatan takes the single down to 1.06. no
    • Average will stay the same. no
  • Mega
    • Juan Pablo will get 2 more sub-30s he actually got 4 :0. The WR single will be a 26.69 with a PLL skip. not that close
    • Juan Pablo will break the average WR early in the year, but Yu Da-Hyun will snatch it at the end of the year with a 32.37 I mean, Yu Da-Hyun did take it, but Juan Pablo did not break average this year. So kinda??
  • Squan
    • Rowe breaks single with a 4.99. WR single predictions is veerrrryyy close.
    • Rowe also breaks average with a 7.66. CP skip on solve 2 and EP skip on solve 4. nahhh
  • Clock
    • Nathaniel will keep the record at 3.73. 4 more sub-4s singles will happen. 1 by Wojciech, 1 by Evan, and 2 by Tairan. Tairan will also DNF a potential WR single. 5 sub-4 singles. 3 by Yunhao, 1 by Tairan and 1 by Wojciech!!!
    • Without a doubt, the average will be sub-5. Tairan will get a 4.88. it is sub-5, but by Yunhao with 4.56
  • 4BLD
    • Kaijun keeps the single. Kaijun has the single, but not the same one.
  • 5BLD
    • Kaijun keeps the single. Stanley OP
  • MBLD
    • Another interesting event. Shivam will tie 41 points, but will just be over Maskow’s time. There will be a post on Speedsolving with exactly 24 people replying with something along the lines of “Aww, so close, you’ll get it next time!” lol Kamil also breaks the 40 point mark with exactly 40. YES WHAT IN THE WORLD He attempts 46, but time runs out while he is executing cube 44.eh 41/42 The WR will still remain at 41 points by Maskow nope.

Not going to go as in depth here.
  • Current single / Current ao5 -- Predicted Single / Predicted ao5
  • 2x2 - lol / lol - lol / lol lol
  • 3x3 - 4.365 / 8.333 - 4.365 / 7.78 4.365/ 7.76?? Very close!
  • 4x4 - 27.539 / 32.354 - 22.714 / 26.89 25.xx/30.xx not much improvement
  • 5x5 - 59.725 / 1:08.301 - 51.233 / 1:00.02 54.xx/59.xx nice average
  • 6x6 - 2:05.942 / 2:13.977 - 1:47.186 / 2:03.105 1:44/like low 1:50s
  • 7x7 - 3:51 / 4:04 - 3:03.973 / 3:12.195 2:52/low 3:00. Lots of improvement.
  • OH - 10.02 / 15.621 - 9.45 / 13.39 10.02/low 14?
  • BLD - 1:14 - 58.53 - 58.47!! super close
  • FMC - 26/ 26.66 - 23/ 25.00 - 20/like 23.33?
  • Squan - 4.438 / 8.75 - 4.244 / 7.99 - 4.438/idk
  • Pyra - lol / lol - lol / lol lol
  • Skewb - lol / lol - lol / lol lol
  • Mega - 46.69 / 53.00 - 37.95 / 45.67 39/45.31? kind of close if the average is actually accurate
  • Clock - lol / lol - lol / lol basically
  • Feet - 1:24 / 1:43 - 58.33 / 1:02.36 no idea
  • 4BLD - 17:18.52 - 8:15.66 low 7 minute or something
  • 5BLD - DNF - 16:34.17 25min
  • MBLD - 3pts - 11 pts not >10 so oops

  • MoYu becomes more and more obsolete. somewhat true They will only produce good non-WCA puzzles true, but QiYi will have produced puzzles better than MoYu in all events maybe not all, but I think a majority, but MoYu puzzles will still be used yup.
  • No good clock comes out. yupp
  • A new mechanism for 2x2 comes out by GAN. yes! They’re 2x2 will take over. no. It will feel similar to the Dayan, and a little better. maybe?
  • QiYi makes a really good 5x5 called the WuLou no, that will be factory magnetized, and still under 35 dollars no. Yuxin will also create a really good 5x5 and that will compete with QiYi for best in the market no. MoYu will make a bad 5x5 no. Someone will magnetize it, and it would still be bad. Everyone will forget about it, until someone figures out that the MoYu 5x5 will be really good if you switch the springs with Maru Soft Springs. not even close overall
  • X-Man creates the Volt v2. nopee
  • Moyu comes out with a smaller Pyraminx. no
  • Moyu makes two megaminxes, with the AoHun being one. nope.
  • Valk will release a 4x4. It will initially have issues with the mold, but then it will come back in October, and will be really good. not yet, but hopefully in early 2019
  • Better 6x6 by YuXin that will be released on June 14. nope
  • QiYi makes an insane 7x7. Spark? I guess so.
  • Skewb hardware stays the same. Yeah, unless you count the new Moyu one to be something new.

  • Mats Valk gets a sub-6 average, but he just barely misses WR nope :(
  • Kian gets a sub-5 3x3 single. nope :(
  • Sebastian gets 3 total sub-19s, with one being a 17 +2 2 sub-19s
  • Nats podium will be Max, Drew, Bill not quite
  • Collin Burns starts competing seriously again. He beats his 5.25 with a 5.09 nope
  • Megaminx becomes a really popular event in Poland. With the top 20 people being sub-1. somewhat?? 17 sub-1ers
  • Erik gets another 7.08 nah, I think closest was 7.16
  • There will be a tie in results for at least one podium for an event at US Nationals. no. Closest was 3.08 and 3.09 2nd and 3rd place skewb averages by Cale and DRL respectively
  • There will also be another WR tie time wise (this excludes events such as FMC and MBLD) 3x3 early in the year

  • Current global/Goal global
  • 3x3 - 10.2 / 9.4 9.5 at peak
  • 2x2 - 3 / 2.3 probably like 2.8
  • 4x4 - 36.5 / 30 noooo like 34?
  • 5x5 - 1:14 / 1:02 1:05
  • 6x6 - 2:25 / 2:04 sure
  • 7x7 - 4:00 / 3:20 3:15
  • OH - 19 / 17 16-17
  • BLD - 2:05 / 1:20 that's pretty accurate
  • FMC - 28 / 27 26.5?
  • Feet - 1:50 / 1:20 idk haven't practiced
  • Pyra - 4.5 / 4.3 yeppp wow
  • Skewb - 5.5 / 4.5 let's be generous, and say that's about it.
  • Clock - 18 / 10 ugh nope maybe like 14?
  • Mega - 58 / 49 yes!!
  • Squan - 10.9 / 9.5 no. like 10.4
  • 4BLD - 15:00 / 9:00 7-8 min
  • 5BLD - 30:00 / 18:00 like 20-22 min
  • MBLD - 3.5pts DNF / 9 pts I'd say about 7
Other cubing goals
  • GET A LOL 2X2 OFFICIAL SINGLE PLEASE nope! 4 years and still no sub-2! Let's gooo
  • Make finals at Nats for Squan and megaminx. yesss!!
  • Do really well in FMC at Nats. Sort of. Placed 9th, but average was blegh
  • Podium in different events (megaminx) I've now podiumed in 10 different events. wow
  • Staff at almost every comp yes!
  • Go to a lot of comps I think 15 this year?
  • Have fun at comps tons
  • Go to another international comp (Euros?) nope. Maybe worlds in 2019?
  • Get fast at dumb events like 2x2 and Clock Maybe I should have defined "fast"
  • Get better at OH yes, content with my speed
  • Top 75 WR SoR Single. Currently 144 because 2x2 single. 89 b/c 2x2 and clock singles.
  • Top 20 NAR SoR single. Currently 48 29 for the same reasons above.
  • Top 60 WR SoR average. Currently 138 because Clock and 2x2 83 because of clock.
  • Top 18 NAR SoR average. Currently 42. 25 for the same reason above.
  • Become a Silver Member 5bld missing.
  • Get a sub-7 official 3x3 single yes! 6.27 fullstep
  • Get a sub-52 Megaminx official average. ooooh yeah. I have a handful of sub-50 averages.
  • BEAT THAT 10.00 SQUAN AVERAGE because that’s really annoying, but it really isn’t needed because lol squan nope. Still 10.00. Not too mad with it.
  • Get top 100 in the world for Squan (currently WR24 single, WR20 avg) yes (WR43 Single, WR55 average), Mega (WR200, WR256) yes (WR84 single, WR66 average) and FMC (WR631, WR264) yes for mean, because that is what matters (WR126 single, WR45 average)
  • Get an official sub-25 FMC single (prob not because no comps have FMC) 25 single. 27.33 mean
  • Be cool not really

Life Goals
  • Continue doing well in school yes!
  • Get good at comp sci not really
  • Work with that friend on that secret project no. but maybe soon
  • Spend more time with friends kind of
  • Do well on SAT/ACT/PSAT stuff like that. kind of. Except the curve messes with me
  • Make more friends yes! lot's of more cubing friends
  • Read more books yeah!
  • Discover something really cool sort of, but probably not what I was predicting.
  • Don’t be lazy gotten better
  • Make more bad jokes YESSS

Some of those predictions are so random. But it was fun to make. Yeah they were super random. But fun to look over.
Nov 9, 2016
I kinda fell out of cubing this year. I failed pretty miserably at most of these goals.
2x2: sub 5, learn/develop HD - I have not gotten much faster at all, and I've done very little to develop HD.
3x3: sub 15 - Not even close; I'm around 18-19.
4x4: sub 1:30 - Yep. I feel like this was a really low goal.
5x5: sub 3 - This one was similarly easy.
6x6: sub 5 - I did very few solves at all.
7x7: sub 7:30 - Likewise.
3BLD: sub 1:30, learn at least TuRBo/3-style corners - I have done almost no blindsolving at all this year.
4BLD: sub 15 - I still only have two 30 minute solves that are less than a second away from each other.
5BLD: learn, sub 30 - I have not even done any attempts.
MBLD: 7+ points - I think my PB is still 1.
OH: Sub 35, make sure I know all my COLLs - Pretty close; I'm about 36-37 seconds. I decided to switch to Roux.
Feet: sub 2:30 - Yep.
FMC: avg sub 40, sub 30 single - I probably average high 30s-low 40s, but I got my single.
Clock: Get one, sub 20 - I got one, and kinda regretted it. I definitely didn't get that fast.
Megaminx: sub 2, learn 4LLL - Nope. I was close for a bit, then I stopped practicing it.
Pyraminx: sub 7, learn more top first stuff - Nope as well. I don't think I'm sub 10.
Square one: Develop/learn method, sub 30, CSP - I don't know why I thought I liked squan enough to do this much.
Skewb: sub 10, learn Sarah's intermediate - Nope. I did actually learn the method though.
Get top 25 in weekly competitions. - Nope. Not even close.
Go to or organize a competition. - Yeah, that wasn't ever going to happen.
Learn Clair de Lune. - I got pretty close to learning it well, but didn't put enough effort into it.
Get in symphonic band. - Yep. Made it.
Write a song. - Never ended up happening.
Sub 19 5K. - Yep. Got a 18:31 on the last meet of the season.
Mar 18, 2016
Illinois, U.S.A.
Megaminx: global sub 58, official sub 54 / sub 57 average, or Top 200/150 s/a
OH: global sub 16, official sub 13 / sub 15 average, or Top 500/300 s/a
16.22 average but nope. I didn't get to compete much this year
Feet: global sub 38, official sub 32 single / sub 35 average
sub50 average at least. Would have had a low 30 single but I messed up the zbll.
3x3: global sub 11, official sub 9.5 single / sub 10.5 average
11.7 official average, 9.8 and 11.58+ singles

3BLD: global sub 2:30, official sub 2:00 single / sub 3 mean
I might have been closeish but I can barely blind anymore
MBLD: global 10 points, officially more than 8 points
5x5: global sub 1:35, official sub 1:25 single / sub 1:30 average
FMC: global sub 35, official sub 30 single / sub 34 average

Get MBLD, OH and, maybe Megaminx SR
I have the usa OH sr. 3rd for mega, and idk anymore about mbld
Get 0 nemeses. I currently have 9
Well, I certainly didn't do enough to do that. I think I'm still in double digits. the site is down so I can't check right now

Either never ever compete in clock, or get sub10 and then like podium
not yet

100% of ZBLL with alternates for OH and Feet
lol no, I peaked at around 55% or so, and it went down to something probably like 40%, but I'm getting back into it. kinda

Get a source of income so I can buy cubes and go to comps
Organize a competition that goes really well
not yet. although now that feet is getting removed, I might be more inclined to make an effort
Do really well in the events that I compete in but don't care about
two sub 5 7x7 PB singles.
Attend at least 5 comps in 2018
like 3? cross country didn't give me much flexibility
Podium in something. Win/Podium in Feet/OH/Mega at least 5 times:
3rd in OH, 2nd in Feet. that's it I think. again, not very many comps so not very many opportunities
Win Megaminx once, Podium every other time
not really close. I got 4th at both a major comp (GL regionals) and a small comp (Cn'C).

Win Feet every time
lol failed 3 solves in the one average that I got and lost by a second. Kid didn't want a second round. prob was scared
Podium in OH, 2nd place once
3rd and 5th. Only opportunities

Achieve 75% of these or come within 90% of completing 90% of them
idk but it certainly wasn't anywhere close to that
I think I was more enthusiastic about cubing the beginning of last year lol. That and I expected to go to more comps.
Well, I think I maintained my speeds pretty well.
Jan 8, 2019
3x3: Sub-18
2x2: Sub-7
4x4-An average at a comp
5x5-An average at a comp
6x6: Get one and solve it kind of a little too slow for comps
7x7, BLD, Feet, Clock, MBLD, 4BLD, 5BLD- I don't care
Pyra- Sub-8
Skewb: Sub-8
Mega: Sub-2:30
Squan: Sub-50

Sep 17, 2016
Over there by the thing in the corner.