1. supercavitation

    Switching from Hoya to Yau

    A few days ago, I decided to switch from Hoya to Yau for 4x4. I'm having trouble getting used to making the cross edges without the centers to line them up against, but that'll go away with time and practice. If anyone has has any tips or tricks, I'd be happy to hear them, though. My question...
  2. B

    Some Yau walkthroughs

    My first walkthrough solve video! Please tell me your thoughts. :D Brest?
  3. yoshinator

    How to Improve at 4x4 - A Step by Step Analysis

    I video I made for cubing world. I hope this helps some people out. Thanks for watching!
  4. yoshinator

    4x4 Walkthrough solves

    http://youtu.be/mmqwYnYX_Pk Please leave any comments or questions here or in the comments. Thanks!
  5. C

    Time proportions when solving 4x4

    I saw there was a 3x3 version of this thread but I didn't thing asking there was appropriate. Also I was gonna ask in the one answer thread but wanted more answers from people. So I just began using Yau to solve the 4x4 and am significantly worse at it as suppose to straight redux...
  6. E

    [Unofficial] 2:27.21 5x5 Solve using Yau method

    I've noticed my times with Yau are very similar to my times with Reduction. Maybe I should try switching to Yau...
  7. Tall5001

    Yau 4x4 Walkthough Solves (Please Help) --Tall5001

    WQhP6PZT7kI My main reason for posting this is 1 to ask for help with my Yau and see what i need to do to get better! Also i would like to help other that are just learning the method figure out what to do with some examples. So please help me out and leave comments below to let me know what...
  8. collinbxyz

    4x4 Edge Pairing

    I am just wondering how most people do their 4x4 edge pairing for reduction/yau/something similar. I mean, do you do something like: 6-2-2-2, or 3-3-2-2-2, etc. Sorry if there's already a thread like this.
  9. Max CUBErick

    [Unofficial] MaxCuberful 4x4 avg5, 2x2 avg12, 2x2-4x4 relay

    Hi guys! Here are some more videos. I've recently got my LanLan 2x2 and ShengShou 4x4! And they are pretty good! 4х4 is Yau Method!!! 2x2 is Fridrich method. I know I should learn CLL.. Thanks for watching! P.S. Sorry for big post. :D
  10. Robert-Y

    [Help Thread] Yau4 Discussion

    I'm also now colour neutral with this method. I'll sorta show you how you can become colour neutral easily with method (if you're already CN on 333). You just need to be CN at centres and know your pairs of opposite colours. In the following examples, I will be solving a cube which uses the...