1. M

    Giiker Cube software

    Hi all, I recently bought a Giiker cube and I had some thoughts about the app. I would like to time myself and know the splits for the solve. I know can do this exact same thing, but it doesn't time the solve. It does only a move split. Do you happened to know ant...
  2. R

    Algorithm website

    Hi everyone, I just made this algorithm website and would like some feed back on it and I will be updating it regularly. Thanks, toby
  3. T

    Method Database Idea

    With all the wonderful methods that people come up with all the time, I think that it would be super convenient to have some sort of database, or website, to keep track of all the methods. Throughout the last couple of weeks, I have been coming up with ideas in how this website would be...
  4. kinch2002

    kinch2002 website - articles about cubing and other stuff I've started my own blog website for articles on Cubing, Sports, Current Issues, Games and Mental Calculation. Recently I've realised that I do a lot of statistical analysis and investigation for fun so it's time to start sharing some of my findings! There are a few articles...
  5. J

    I am proposing a website for all specialised alg sets!

    I am proposing a Website for Specialist Alg-Sets! Hello, I have created the website (sorry its a default subdomain), on the website is currently some small alg-sets I have created which are probably not incredibly useful but each have...
  6. PixelWizard

    CLL Trainer

    CLL Trainer - BIG UPDATE (EG-1 + EG-2 + MORE ALGS) Hey everyone, I'm just learning CLL and to train the algs as well as the recognition, I made a little CLL-Trainer. You can find it here: constructive criticism and any suggestions are very welcome. I'm still...
  7. crazcube

    My new cubing website!

    Check out my new website hope you like it and please register :) thanks !!!
  8. jsh33

    Would anybody like to purchase or

    I've had these domains and now I would like to sell them. How about $100 for one or $180 for both. Edit: or
  9. ThomasJE

    4LLL Tutorial

    Hi, Back about one year ago, I learned 4LLL. But there wasn't a guide that could tell me what to do; just the algs. So, I decided that I would make a tutorial that would help others like me to take a step towards improving their times. And what a coincidence it's Christmas today :D So...
  10. ThomasJE

    3x3x5 Tutorial

    Here's my new 3x3x5 tutorial. I've been working on it during the past week (along with the rest of the website), so feel free to comment, ask any questions, or correct anything.
  11. collinbxyz

    Community Made Cubing Website - Anyone Can Help

    Note: I did talk to Pat about this before making the thread. Mods can move this thread to a different section, but Pat even said, "Sure, go ahead and make a thread for it. I'd suggest off-topic or general cubing discussion." This thread is for those who would like to contribute to a...
  12. collinbxyz

    Blogs/Cubing Sites

    I was just wondering how many of you have blogs and/or Cubing sites? (w/algs and stuff) I just made one today, I still need to add the 2-look PLLs, but I'm working on it =D I am guessing lots of people do these sorts of things. Why not share it?
  13. M

    New sticker shop

    Hi all! I write here rarely, mostly I red this forum (but, not too often). Now, I would like to announce you, my new sticker webshop. Probably, many of you have met with me in competitions, and some of you have tried my stickers as well. Please visit my shop, and feel free to ask me if you...
  14. collinbxyz

    Blindfold Method

    What is the easiest blindfold method to learn? I know all of them are going to take a while, just give me a link to a vid/website and say how long you think it would take on estimate. Thx