1. ianography

    [Video] How to Roux with Justin Harder

    I don't know about you guys, but this video helped me a lot. I'm definitely going to make Roux my main method now
  2. Noahaha

    Should official 3BLD mo3s be ranked? (Read the first post)

    I think that singles should still be what win competitions, but I think that in 3BLD there should also be rankings for means of 3. Here are my reasons: 1. The WR single has basically gotten to the point that anyone who wants to beat it would need a fairly lucky scramble (Marcell included). 2...
  3. antoineccantin

    Unofficial Competition Thread

    You can use this thread to promote/advertise/just talk about any of your local unofficial competitions. Personally, I just came back from one which I helped organize/run. It was pretty much only people from our school, and there were 25 competitors which is good I guess. The principal even...
  4. U

    Any competitions in New Delhi, India?

    Hi all Indian cubers! Well, on the WCA website, only competitions listed for India are held in Mumbai, Kanpur etc. Why not New Delhi? Or are there competitions in ND, but not official ones?
  5. L

    The WCA Events Weekly Relay Race.

    This is a "quick" relay I have been doing to improve on the WCA events. It is pretty fun and for those who like the 2-7 relay they will probably enjoy this. (no magics incorporated) So here is the relay: -3x3 BLD always first. Then order doesn't matter. 1. 2x2 2. 3x3 3. 4x4 4. 5x5...
  6. G

    Zonhoven Open 2012

    The Zonhoven Open 2012 speedcubing competition will take place on February 25th and 26th 2012. U can find all the information regarding the competition on the website. Hope to see u there!!!
  7. E

    future competitions and lucky scrambles

    Future competitions and lucky scrambles or "Should luck be legit?" This thread is NOT about 2x2x2 in specific or about the recent set 2x2x2 records in specific, but about lucky scrambles in general (mainly for puzzles like 2x2, Pyraminx, Clock,...). Mentioning the 2x2x2 records is only meant...
  8. prasadmanjulago

    How to be a WCA Delegate??

    I don't know is this a fool question. but this is a real problem in sri lanka. i started a rubiks club on sri lanka.it is the first rubiks club in sri lanka.now we have more than 400 speed cubers. our different schools think to organise competitions.But the problem is we have no WCA delegate...
  9. R

    Best SpeedCubers From the World

    New video in YouTube!! The best SpeedCubers since now!! With most of the fastests solves (some of them have average solves because i was unable to find the best ones, or they were in a poor quality)!! Incredible fast times, all in real time!! A must to see video...
  10. Lucas Garron

    live.cubing.net - Live Results for your Official Competition

    Jim Mertens recently coded up http://live.cubing.net/. The intention is to offer easy-to-use live results for competitions around the world. The only thing you need is an internet connection where you can upload the (current) spreadsheet throughout the day. (There are a few more details, but...
  11. Suraimu

    iWCA (WCA Rankings on iPhone)

    Hi. Im Sinpei Araki My App, iWCA release to App Store http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iwca/id431844711?mt=8&ls=1 -------------------------------------- WCA Rankings on your iPhone ! Check your speedcubing ranking or record or other. The application contains major five sections...
  12. P

    Frequently Asked Questions About WCA Competitions

    Q: Am I fast enough to compete? A: As long as you can solve the puzzle you wish to compete with in under 10 minutes, you can compete. The exception to this is when organizers place a time limit on events. These can usually be found on the competition website. Remember, competitions are about...
  13. B

    WCA Registration Question, Country

    Ok guys =P, this might be a really dumb question but i dont really know how it works. So i have my first competition coming up this weekend, and im wondering about WCA registration. Im not sure which country i should register with, or even if there are any rules about it. I was born in romania...
  14. esquimalt1

    Possible 2011 WCA Regulations Changes

    Well it's that time of year again where the regulations get redone so I figured we could address some ideas here. Random Ideas: SKEWB ADDED (lol) Clarification for 4d: "Cube puzzles must be scrambled with the white (or the lightest colour by default) face on top and green (or the...
  15. n00bcub3r

    Competitions in Atlanta?

    Since i live in atlanta and haven't ever seen a competition are there any competitions coming up near atlanta? sorry im new so i suck :P
  16. A

    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    The intention of this thread is for people to post interesting competition statistics like the one below. Esteban Marin has only done one official solve, and the event was 7x7x7!
  17. Dane man

    The Solve time scoring rules.

    I understand that averages exclude the Best and Worst times then mean the remaining 10 or 3 etc. But what if you have more than one DNF. How are those counted (In WCA competitions)? Also with standard deviation. Do you exclude the best and worst? How are DNF's counted? Is standard deviation...
  18. N

    [Help Thread] Organizing official WCA competitions

    So.. Today we (not defining with who) decided that we should make Estonian comp.. But when we make it then we will need a WCA judge/judges.. How can you make it? Because We think that we could make it but the only thing is the WCA delegate. How much and how can we get them here?? thanks...