1. S


    gts3 m lubed with lubicle black and angstrom for only 25 USD Wuque m mini setup with angstrom for only 20 Selling compound v for 7 dollars Instagram: @nicecubestore
  2. MadaraMangekyou

    America, the promised land of speedcubing

    well, recently I've made a world ranking for 3x3x3 single... I averaged the 4 best of each country... there is the result so, USA is in the first place, and also has the world record in single, and is the only country with 4 people sub 6 with my friends we used to talk that the first world...
  3. Nihahhat

    US Nationals 2014 Podium Prediction Fantasy League

    Hello everyone! I've prepared a fantasy league-esque game for the upcoming US National Championships. All you have to do to enter is to fill out the form at the bottom of the page - and no, you don't have to be going to US Nationals to take part! The rules are simple - try to predict the...
  4. SpeedCubeReview

    American-made cubes?

    Hey, I am new to the forum. I just started solving cubes less than a week ago. At the moment I can solve a 3x3 with the earth shattering time of under 3 minutes. :p I have the original Rubik's, a unnamed "Cube Magic Square" off of ebay, and a New design 3x3, and 2x2 Rubik's on their way...
  5. antoineccantin

    [NAR] Kevin Costello III - 27.36 4x4 single (DP) + 32.45 average

    According to his facebook post: Really amazing! :eek: Single: Average:
  6. bostoncuber

    What region in the USA has the fastest cubers?

    i think it is the north east (new england new york and new jersey) what do you think?
  7. K

    Trade puzzles for a 6x6?

    THIS TRADE HAS BEEN CLOSED! I am looking for a decent WHITE 6x6 to trade (Yj, Ghosthand, Vcube(preferred). the puzzles i have that i am willing to trade is QJ Black Megaminx (Box & Instructions included), Gold&black Mirror cube, White Shengshou 4x4(Box and instructions included), White Knockoff...
  8. collinbxyz

    North Eastern Border (USA) Earthquake - 5.8 Magnitude!!!

    This just happened a few hours ago, and everyone felt it in my family but me (I was in the car when it happened, I think, so that may be why). Half my family is home in PA, but the other half is in Ohio for a week (looking at colleges with my older brother) and they also felt it! Tell us your...
  9. collinbxyz


    So I ordered my F-II from C4U.'us' and it isn't coming in 3 weeks! I know this wouldn't be odd for, but what up with this? We did have trouble ordering it, but we already payed with Paypal. We can get our money back, but my mom is still waiting to see. Is this odd???