1. teboecubes

    3 Tips For Getting Faster At The CROSS (feat. EFFORTLESS CUBER)

  2. teboecubes

    How To Solve The 2x2x3 | 2x2x3 Tutorial (2 ALGORITHMS)

  3. mrcubik

    How To Solve A Rubik's Cube | Part 1

    How To SOLVE A Rubik's Cube for Beginners Part 1! Do you want to learn how to solve a Rubik's Cube? Well this series is for you! I hope you find this video helpful.
  4. teboecubes

    Dino Cube TUTORIAL | How To Solve The Dino Cube In 3 STEPS!

  5. teboecubes

    Pyraminx Tutorial (NO ALGORITHMS) | How to solve the pyraminx with the Burton Method (Beginnners Method)

  6. Cubingcubecuber

    Cubingcubecuber YT Thread | Collin Burns OLLCP

  7. teboecubes

    How I RECOGNIZE All 21 PLL Cases | PLL Recognition

  8. teboecubes

    2 Ways To Solve The Ivy Cube | Ivy Cube Tutorial

  9. C

    My journey to Sub-20

    Hi guys, I've been cubing for around 3 years now (2 years actively) and due to the recent pandemic, I got back into cubing! Within a few weeks I was averaging lower 20's and just a couple weeks ago, I was able to achieve sub 20! it was extremely gratifying seeing all my hard work go to use. I do...
  10. teboecubes

    Skewb Xtreme Tutorial

  11. T

    A method for 2x2 I made

    I was bored today so i made a 2x2 method. First you solve one side Then you solve another side that is not opposite of the existing side You can do this mostly using j or t perm Finally you make a side that is not opposite of either side (again using mostly t/j perm) and the cube will solve...
  12. M

    Setting up GAN 356X for OH

    Hey guys, i've been using GAN 356X (Numerical IPG) for quite some time now. Recently i've decided to pick up OH solving and i need your help. I don't know if i should keep my cube tight with yellow nuts and strong magnets or if i should loosen it up. Also if you have any tips for picking up OH...
  13. ProStar

    Beginner's Pyraminx Tutorial [LBL]

    Hello! This is my complete beginner's guide to solving your first Pyraminx. If this is your first puzzle, or you're an experienced cuber, this tutorial should be easy to follow. If you don't understand something, leave a comment and I'll try to help. Have fun! Pieces Center - The three pieces...
  14. ThatLucas

    Lin Method Tutorial for Square-1!

    Hello! I made a tutorial on the Lin method for Square-1, as I saw that there weren't that many resources out there. I hope you enjoy!
  15. u Cube

    Roux Tutorial!

  16. luckysolve

    4x4x4 (no notation) tutorial

    I made a successful 3x3 tutorial with no notation so now i have a 4x4 tutorial with no notation https://youtu.be/p1hJ_4WkKfU this is meant for beginners. it's not fast, it just gets the job done in the simplest way to understand. unique approach.
  17. CriticalCubing

    Daily full OLL Tutorial (All 57 cases)

    Hello, so I am doing daily OLL videos so as we can complete learning OLL quickly and not procrastinate. Doing this, we are learning multiple algs for the same OLL from different angles and also showing you how to recognize and execute. Other viewers are also posting the algs that they use and...
  18. R

    funny rubik's cube tutorial

    Thought this was pretty funny. https://youtu.be/KHyFQLaqF1I Thought I was in for some possible good info…… guess not ha.
  19. ruwix

    For Non-English speaking cubers: small translation work 15$

    I have launched a website about the beginner's solution method and I would like to translate this into a couple of world languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, Dutch). I think a cuber would make a better job than a regular translator so this is the first place...
  20. D

    Rubik's cube tutorial (less than 10 minutes). Easy and fast.

    Tutorial on how to solve a Rubiks cube that takes less than 10 minutes. The tutorial is easy and fast The tutorial is in spanish, but you can put english subtitles. I hope you like it :)