1. Noahaha

    Noah's 4BLD Tutorial

    I made another loltorial. Feel free to ask for help or critique or whatever. Part 1: Part 2:
  2. Teencuber

    Megaminx 120PEM Tutorial

    Hey guys! So if any of you saw the "Brutally Honest Cube Review" thread you would know one how much hate people showed, and two how much I disliked the cube. I took a lot of your suggestions to heart and did what some of you recommended me to do. I decided to make a 120PEM tutorial video, and...
  3. TejasvaTheStark

    [Video] Pyramorphix In-Depth Tutorial

    Now I know that there are many people who are geniuses and can solve the Pyramorphix. But then there are some like me who can't. So I've decided to make a tutorial on the Pyramorphix, in-depth. I've seen a couple of tuts on YouTube but most of them are in different languages and some don't work...
  4. Teencuber

    FangShi Shuang Ren Assembly

    Hey guys! A while back I made a full video on the assembly of the fangshi shuang ren. It did take me a while to make the video! Sorry I didn't get to show the stickering of the cube.
  5. Chernickov

    Full mod dayan 5 zhanchi

    Moding starts on 2:04 I'm sorry for my silent voice, microphone is not so good. P.S. It is recommended to cut everywhere evenly, and use a relatively smooth sandpaper for better results,, for myself, I also cut the caps of center pieces. Good luck!
  6. K

    Request: Skewb Hex / Skewb Tetrakaidecahedron Tutorial

    Edit: I understand that this is "not the place to ask questions," but this thread will hopefully contain tutorials. I am not asking any questions here; I'm only calling for a compilation of knowledge on this puzzle. I hope that this thread can stay where it is. Hi all, I received my Skewb...
  7. A

    [Video] FangShi ShuangRen Assembly & lube tutorial

    Hi! This is my second video of the Fangshi Shuang Ren cube made by funs puzzle.
  8. TheCubeWizard

    How to lube a wittwo with lubix?

    HI I wanted to know how to lube a wittwo with lubix. I know there are lots of tutorials on how to lube with spray but I want to use m lubix. Do I use the same method CBC used in his DIY zhanchi tutorial?
  9. Noahaha

    Noah's Blindfolded Tutorial

    Hey Guys! The five parts of my new 3BLD tutorial will be coming out over the next five Wednesdays on the Cubing World channel. My goal with this tutorial is to provide people with a strong base in memorization that can take them to sub-2 without having to change any techniques. I hope this gets...
  10. vince

    A Roux guide for beginners

    Hi, I learned CFOP but since the first days I've been interested in Block Building Methods. Recently I decided to learn Roux too and in order to memorise the steps of the method I collected images and simple algs in a document. I want to share this pdf hoping someone else (a beginner like me)...
  11. M

    Beginner's Rubik's Cube Tutorial

    A how to cube tutorial for beginners. Designed for those who have little to no experience and need somewhere to start. The video is my attempt to add to the cubing community. Sometimes when searching for a way to start, some people get discouraged by how complicated some methods or tutorials...
  12. jskyler91

    X-Cross Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

    So I have been asked for this video more times then I can count and without further adei here is my X-cross tips and tricks vid. This will be an ongoing video series so check back like once a week or so to find new vids or just subscribe! I have finished the first three and will be posting...
  13. Noahaha

    Noah's 3-Style Tutorial

    I know I have a thread for my tutorials, but this one is so special that I think it deserves it's own thread! The tutorial is complete! Post below if you have any questions, complaints or praise! Part 1: Overview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYvxVT3vruE Part 2: Pure Corner Commutators...
  14. H

    Recognizing CxLL from all angles?

    Hello, I've started to learn COLL for my 3x3x3 recently. There was no problem with recognition of the Pi and H cases. But U, T, L and Sunes are completely different. So there is my question, how to recognize them fast from all angles while being color neutral? I've been searching through the...
  15. Noahaha

    Noah's BLD Tutorials

    Hey guys! So I'm going to be making a whole bunch of BLD tutorials in the next few months. Although I will be posting them on the CubingWorld channel, I'll also be updating this thread with them, so you guys can leave your comments and suggestions. Sometime in November I will be coming out with...
  16. R

    Megaminx Tutorials, 3x3x3 Tutorials, and MORE!!

    Check out my YouTube channel for a playlist on how to solve the megaminx, a playlist on how to solve the 3x3x3, and many more! I post a lot of cubing-related videos, so don't forget to suscribe! YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheReppothtiek15/videos?flow=grid&view=0
  17. R

    Solve the Megaminx- The Easy Way!

    Check out this video series/playlist to learn how to solve the Megaminx- the easy way! Check out my channel for many more cubing-related videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBuqjx6NjZU&list=PLo29cYsFx6ybnZcrm3cwEqAfzWiA7HVhJ&feature=view_all
  18. ThomasJE

    3x3x5 Tutorial

    Here's my new 3x3x5 tutorial. I've been working on it during the past week (along with the rest of the website), so feel free to comment, ask any questions, or correct anything. http://thomasje.webs.com/3x3x5-tutorial
  19. A

    How to solve a megaminx blindfolded?

    i recently purchased a megaminx and i can solve it easily while looking. however, i wanted to learn how to solve it bld, but i just seem to get my method to work, so im assuming there is a much better and almost foul proof method out there. if any one knows this method, could they please...