1. CrispyCubing

    Revived Practice Techniques

    So while I was browsing some podcasts I discovered LaZer0MonKey's Cubing Thoughts podcast. He only did four episodes but the techniques he talked about caught my attention. (Also can we just appreciate how much his audio has improved since then) Down Solves Generate a scramble, find a...
  2. lucaspcuber

    Average moves per solve?

    I was wondering what the average amount of moves used per solve is in correlation with a person's average time? I average about 15-17 seconds, and use on average 55-65 (63 ao12) moves per solve. What about everyone else? If I get enough responses, I might compile this into a table for everyone...
  3. scorpion24

    What is the official solve with the fastest TPS?

    A friend Gianfranco Huanqui asked "what is the official solve with the fastest TPS?" on a cubing facebook group. So I put this on a bigger group to see if you guys know because I want to help him (and because now I want to know too). Even if you don't know what was the solve with most TPS...
  4. rubikmaster

    [Poll] OCLL Time Attack

    How fast can you perform all of your OCLL's (the 7 OLLs with all edges oriented)? You can perform them in any order you like, but don't cancel any moves (R and R', F and F', etc.) and make sure to perform the algs in their entirety. I got a low 9 the other day, but I'm a nub cause I...
  5. Ágoston Török

    [Unofficial] 24 turns in 1.41 (17+ tps)

    I wondered how many turns can I make on a Rubik's cube in one second. :)
  6. KrisM

    What is your average TPS?

    Just curious as to what everyone on the forum is averaging. I average about 3.2 on most solves - not sure if that's fast or slow in comparison to all you guys.
  7. X

    [Unofficial] G sets in 7.71

    hi im practising tps so i went and timed my g sets. this came out. enjoy
  8. jskyler91

    Example TPS Solves and a Few Tips (Video)

    I made this video for all of those cubers who are stuck at specific time barriers and would like to see the speed they need in order to overcome those barriers. Most importantly, this video is meant to be a visual example of the tps required to overcome certain barriers.The barriers I discuss...
  9. RCTACameron

    [Unofficial] 11.19 tps on a stackmat 2x2 solve

    1.43 seconds. Scramble: F U' F2 U2 R2 F' U' x' y2 U R U' R' (4) U R U' R' U R U' R' F R U' R' (12/16) 16 moves/1.43 = 11.19 tps