1. samuelqwe

    CCT like timer on mobile?

    Hi everyone, i was thinking about this idea to create an ios/android app that would allow the stackmat timer to be connected to the phone. Kind of like CCT. I think this would be possible since CCT uses audio frequencies to detect time. So, since an iphone does have a microphone/headphones...
  2. Tanzer

    Speedstacks Gen 3 Timer + Gen 3 Mat for $22 includes shipping

    timer has been sold, sorry
  3. Kelsparov

    Kuubik - Cube Simulator/Learning Software

    I wrote a Rubik's cube (3x3x3 only) simulator/learning software for my A Level Computing project, and I thought I would share it with everyone. You can download the program here. After following the link, click 'File - Download' to download all files and then extract the folder on your...
  4. boatox

    Cube Timer for Samsung Smartwatch "Timeless Cube"

    Hello :) , I am Boatox alias Sebastian Struve from Germany and i would like to introduce my App "Timeless Cube" for a Samsung Smartwatch with Tizen OS like the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. Please tell me if you like the app or if the app doesn't make sense. Timeless Cube replace the typically...
  5. PitothePowerof3

    WTB Stackmat (Mat only)

    I was looking on amazon for a mat for my stackmat pro, but they didn't have anything. If anyone is selling one, please reply or send a PM. I live in the Tri-state area (Illinois Wisconsin Iowa). I am looking for something in the $15 price range.
  6. Z

    New Timer - Your Ideas!

    Hi everyone, I am currently in the planning stage of a new web based speedcubing timer. I will be developing this new timer on my own. I have already come up with some basic ideal functions which are listed below. Custom inspection time and more, including official WCA timing option Time...
  7. plusCubed

    plusTimer - Open Source Android Timer with TNoodle Scrambles

    Hi everyone! plusTimer is an Android timer that I am developing. Suggestions are more than welcome. If you would like to email me: [email protected] Direct APK Downloads and Changelog If you find a bug, please tell me or file an issue on GitHub. Thank you! Current beta version...
  8. X

    Our Free Xtreme Cube Timer for Android - Fast and Efficient

    Hi we just released our timer for competitive solvers looking to reduce their times Xtreme Cube Timer Features: - Keep records by puzzle i.e. 2x2~5x5, Megaminx, Pyraminx - Scramble - History and Solutions - Fast and Efficent Download here...
  9. A

    Where Can I Get Free Timer For IOS?

    Hello, I want to know whether or not there are any free available super graphics-functionalized cube timers available in the App Store? I am an amateur cuber and average about 35 sec. Please help me to track my times, calculate my average, most accurately as possible. Thanks for your...
  10. TejasvaTheStark

    Timer for SpeedStacks Gen 3 Pro

    Hello folks! I've had my Gen 3 Pro timer for a really long time now, and I followed all the steps to connect it to the computer. None of the timers work for me. Prisma, CS Timer, and a few more I've tried. If any developer, programmer or anyone related to that is reading, don't you think...
  11. KingEn

    KingEn Timer for speed cubing (Android Ver)

    Hi, I made a cube timer for Android and want to get comments. Any comment will be helpful to me. The app name is KingEn Timer for speed cubing. You may install the app by clicking https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kingen.timer or by searching "KingEn Timer" in google play...
  12. I

    Need a Stack Mat Timer Gen 2

    I've been browsing the internet for days and cannot find a Stack Mat Timer Gen 2. I really want one, and I don't care if it is used or new. If it comes with a Mat, that's a plus. If any of you guys have one to sell, or know where I could get one, please tell me!
  13. larosh12

    My home made timer " Just for fun "

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-7ALVPnB54&list=HL1388841449&feature=mh_lolz It doesn't contain pressure sensors . but it works with very little force ( just a tap of the finger ). I've given the link because Video here wasn't looking very well due to ads . It is made from 1$ wrist watch . so...
  14. S

    QJ Timer Fix, to make it work with CCT (it's a HARDWARE issue!)

    I recently cracked the issue of a QJ timer V3 not working with any timer, it is because of a hardware issue within the timer itself! What you need to do is open the timer, there are two leads which need to be bent inward to make contact with the plug you insert into the socket.This fixes it.I...
  15. larosh12

    Can anyone turn digital stopwatch into a timer like stackmat

    I was wondering if any one knows a way to turn a digital stopwatch into a timer like Stackmat that works by putting both of your hands on it . I don't have a problem buying a 25 $ timer but I want to make one myself just for fun.
  16. B

    Tap Timer - The Next Best Speed Solving App for Android

    Hey everyone, you may or may not have noticed a new speed solving app in development in this forum post over the past two weeks. Today I've decided to release it to both the Google Play Store as well as the Amazon App Store for free. (If searching from the market, it's pretty far down the list)...
  17. W

    New android App. Any Thoughts?

    Hey guys, I just released a new android app that I think is really awesome for the cubing community called "Sune Timer". I added a basic timer that allows you to track times for five different puzzles, along with in-depth statistics, scrambles, and a performance graph. I have also upload EVERY...
  18. Gallifrey

    TurboTimer prototype versions!

    Hey guys! I've always been wanting to make a cube timer, and finally I decided to give up some other things to make it. I've only been working on this for a couple days now, but I want some feedback on it's current state. OS: Mac OS X 10.8.3 (not tested on earlier versions, so if you have an...
  19. RubrumAqua

    JTimer - My First Timer (PC/MAC/Linux)

    Hi everybody, I am proud to present: 212JTIMER212 a Timer coded in 3 Hours, using Java Please note that this is my first project that I have published to the public, it may not be that good, being only 13 years of age limits your skills but anyway, here's the lowdown. 7FEATURES:7...
  20. speedcubingman

    Puzzles, Cubes, and Timer for sale

    SOLD (with box) Calvin's square 1- $11 SOLD (with box) Lan Lan Rex Cube- $10 2x3x3- $4.50 Dayan Lunhui v1 (doesn't pop, but no torpedoes)- $6.50 speedstacks stackmat timer v1 (with battery)- $13.50 prices are debatable worldwide shipping email me: [email protected] shipping is free (all 50...