1. fortissim2

    My Road To Sub-20 (Tetris)

    So I've been playing a heck ton of Tetris recently, and uh. that's it heck I've been getting PBs after PBs in the 40-line Sprint category, and I'm aiming to be the 3rd Canadian to be sub-20! :) Wish me luck, and comment any suggestions to help me improve my times! Jstris username: fortissim2...
  2. TetCuber48

    [Member Intro] Hey!

    Heyo! I'm TetCuber and i'm new to cubing. The 'tet' in my name is because i like to play tetris. I'm really hoping to improve and find new things on this forum. I'm trying to learn CFOP currently so if you have any advice i would like it. ok now bye see ya
  3. kelseymckenna

    Tresling - Cubing and Tetris - Battle

    I had the idea of creating something similar to "Tresling" that I saw on the "Big Bang Theory"... but for cubing - I have looked for this on the forum but couldn't find anything so I thought I would see what everyone thinks :D The idea: Two or more cubers decide on "C" number of cubes to solve...