1. Amber

    Sub50 to 30?

    Hey I've been cubing for around 3weeks and recently learned the CFOP and around sub 50average but I can't improve from here My cross+F2L is 30sec Last layer 20sec I'm still using 2look oll And learning PLL now but my times are not going down IM doing around 50solves a day and have a moyu...
  2. 7942139101129

    [Unofficial] Megaminx 49.93 avg5 by Christian Dirks

    I got a new Megaminx avg5 PB after long practising :D
  3. MostEd

    [Unofficial] [begginer cuber] sub50 solve, roux method

    I'm a begginer cuber(end of may) I learned roux, currently do 2L CMLL, and I have the cube nearly the whole day in my hands, so I do practise. There might be sound problems, since youtube decided to delete the Eruption track I put on it ;(, so you'll either hear some jazz or nothing.