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  • yep thers also
    Hi MostEd,

    Thanks for your question. I've already made two 4x4x4 solvers... (although they were built for function rather than speed) :D



    And a 6x6x6 solver:


    And a 7x7x7 solver:


    And Megaminx solver:



    here your answer to a lego robot to do a 4x4 [video=youtube;kWrJdkXp_n4][/video]
    MostEd, generally you just need to practice a lot. Try to combine EO and Line as often as possible, even if it takes >15 seconds. If you do this for several months you should eventually be able to consistently plan EOLine in sub-15.
    it's okay to be able to move the corners after CMLL so U moves are fine. for centers, a beginner would usually keep the U or D face on U or D then you do Bad Edges.
    ya if it's EO then you have to make sure that all the stickers on the U and D are the same or opposite colors of each other. if they aren't then you're not finished with EO. if you think it's UL/UR then make sure you're doing the right moves. you can only do (M' U2 M'), (M U2 M), U moves, and M2
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