1. JimmyTheCuber

    Which square-1 should I get?

    I've seen reviews on the cubetwist and mf8 v1 and v2 but I still don't know which one to buy
  2. T

    Square-1 breakdown

    Hello, What is your average breakdown for square-1? Example: Cube Shape: 7s CO: 4s EO: 4s CP: 5s EP: 10s Total: 30s Parity: 7s How many EP algorithems do you know?
  3. Jokerman5656

    [Help Thread] The "Square-1 Help / Alg Sharing" thread

    This thread is here to help all of you fella's that are looking to get some tips for the Square-1, also it is here for people to ask and share algs and methods they use. If you post in this thread and aren't getting a reply within a few days then feel free to message me and I'll do my best to...